Hy-Vee Deal: Prego pasta sauce just $.61!

The new Hy-Vee ad goes into effect for most locations tomorrow, 9/03, but some locations do begin their sales today. Here’s an excellent deal to take advantage of.
I talk about stocking up when a product is at rock bottom prices and this is the kind of deal I mean!


Buy 2 Prego pasta sauces, select varieties, 14.3-24oz $.99 (LIMIT 2)
-use $.75/2 Prego pasta sauces printable
Final price is $1.23, just $0.61 per jar!

If you plan to price match this product, you still need to respect the limit set by Hy-Vee’s ad, regardless of where you shop.

This offer is available until September 9 at most locations.

SavingStar Healthy Offer: 20% back on Tomatoes

When you check into your SavingStar app, you’ll see a 20% cash back offer for the purchase of loose tomatoes.

You can earn a maximum of $2 back on a $10 purchase and the offer is only redeemable one time per household.
You will not see a change at the register when taking advantage of a SavingStar offer, instead a deposit will be made into your account within a few days of the offer being redeemed.

This offer is available until next Monday.

Happy healthy Tuesday!

Dollar General: Stock up on Tresemme w/ Coupon Stack

A new ad for Dollar General just released and they are running a sale on Tresemme shampoo and conditioner, as well as select hair products.


Buy 2 Tresemme shampoo or conditioner 25oz $3.25 each = $6.50 total
-use $1/2 Tresemme products DG STORE COUPON printable
PLUS-use (2) $2/1 Tresemme shampoo or conditioner products from RP 8/24 (x 9/21)
Final price is $1.50 for both, just $.75 each!

This ad is running until September 7.

If you plan to use both coupons, you are not able to use the $5 off $25 total purchase coupon with any other store coupons.

Menards: Steal on Tide Oxi + Store Rebate

As any month comes to an end, or a start, you will receive a P&G coupon insert in your Sunday paper.
This month, you’ll find a high value coupon for Tide Oxi, $4 off!!

You can snag a fantastic deal at Menards now until September 14. Check it out!


Buy 1 Tide Oxi 108 load $7.99 (Costs $9.97 @ Wal-Mart before coupons)
-use $4/1 Tide Oxi ETS from P&G 8/31 (x 9/30)
Final price just $3.99!

The deal gets even better though! Menards is running an in-store rebate promotion for P&G products; spend $40 and receive a $10 rebate on a single qualifying purchase. There is a limit of $20 rebate per household and the rebate will be in the form of a merchandise credit check. All products that qualify for this promotion will have a yellow tag on the them throughout the store!

Stockpile Tip: Check Expiration Dates

A big issue with buying any product is the fact it has an expiration date. Usually, it’s not an issue, but there are times when stores will try to quick sale a product because the expiration date is fast approaching.

Although it’s important to check expiration dates on products you are purchasing while in the store, that’s not what I want to discuss today. I would like to address the stockpile. It is super easy to stock up on the non-perishable items: shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, body wash, deodorant, medicine, hair color, diapers, etc. Did you know though, some of those items actually do expire?

Some of you are probably saying, “DUH” right about now because it’s for certain the meds expire, but also the toothpaste and deodorant expires. (This also may be common knowledge to some people.)


The reason I am making this post today is because I began couponing in 2011, the year in which I got a super great stock up deal on deodorant! Of course being new at couponing, my first instinct was to buy a whole bunch, not as many as I knew I could use. (This was a life lesson I learned later on in the world of couponing!)

Can some of you tell where this is going?

Recently, I grabbed the next deodorant off the shelf, only 3 left from my mega trip in 2011 and began to use it everyday. All of a sudden, my armpits began to itch, ALL THE TIME. It was an irritated, somewhat burning sensation that never seemed to go away. I spent all of two weeks torturing myself this way wondering what it could be that was making my pits break out so bad. I hadn’t changed detergents, I wasn’t wearing clothes any different from the ones I always wore, it wasn’t razor burn, what was it?!?!

Finally, I thought about it. “Deodorant expires, DUH,” as I slapped my hand to my forehead.

Sure as sh*t, I check the expiration date (the date I did this was August 2014) and the deodorant I had been using expired on 11/2013…it was nine months old! No wonder my armpits felt as if they were under attack!

I don’t quite know what changes in a product such as deodorant after it reaches its expiration date, but it’s obviously something which affects the skin or I wouldn’t have had the reaction I did. Ever since I stopped using the expired product and switched to one that doesn’t expire until 2015, things are much better! No more itching, scratching, burning sensations any longer and the redness has subsided as well.


The main point of this post is to let you know, even if you buy a great amount of product for your stockpile, be sure to constantly go through those products and rotate them. Always check the expiration dates and as I have began to do for more than just my food products, write the expiration date in a visible spot so you can see it instantly and know when to use, donate or toss out a product. It is terribly painful to have to throw something away because it expired so my other tip is, if the expiration date is within 1 year of the current date and you are aware you won’t be able to use that item before it does expire…donate it. There is always someone out there who wouldn’t mind the friendly gesture.


The Children’s Place: ~Flash Sale~ free shipping + 40% off Clearance & 25% off code 

I received an email from TCP about a flash sale happening today only!

You can snag 40% off all clearance items (the discount will show in your shopping bag), get FREE shipping AND there is even a promo code to use to save an additional 25% off your entire order!
Use code LABORSALE3 at checkout and you’ll be sure to see some mega savings!!

Take note this offer is only valid today, August 28!

Sheldon Hy-Vee: Kraft Dressing just $.25 {3 Day Sale}

If you receive a Golden Shopper, you probably noticed Sheldon Hy-Vee is having a 3 day sale! The sales will run August 28, 29 & 30.

Here’s an amazing deal to take advantage of.



***Buy 1 Kraft Salad dressing [Ranch or Zesty Italian ONLY] 16oz $1
-use $.75/1 Kraft salad dressing 15.8oz+ printable
or -use $.55/1 Kraft salad dressing 15.8oz+ printable
Final cost as low as just $.25!

If you decide to price match this deal at any other location, remember to match everything correctly. It must be Kraft, it must be 16oz, it must be ONLY Ranch or Zesty Italian and you must match it on August 28, 29 or 30.

Fareway Weekly Match up {8/27-9/02}

Here’s the weekly match up. The locations included are: Orange City, Sioux Center, Sheldon, Sioux Falls, Sioux City, Cherokee, Storm Lake, LeMars and Rochester.

Items are listed by category and every item in the ad will not be listed; the best prices of the week are the ones that you will find on this match up. If there is a coupon available for a product, it will be listed underneath the item and a price after coupon will be provided to show your maximum savings price. If there is a * or multiple *** next to an item, that is an indicator that it is a stock up price. The more you see, the better the price!

Also, there may be a ^ symbol next to certain items. If you see this item, that means that there is  a store coupon involved in order to receive the deal. It will be broken down beneath the item in regards to utilization of the deal.

Read the rest of this entry

Sunday Coupon Preview/Review: August 31, 2014

There will only be a single insert in the paper this weekend, the P&G insert, which means, there is no need to provide a match up because all of the coupons will be as anticipating. The good news is, you don’t have to pay extra money to get the bigger city papers, just buy the cheaper papers to get the amount of inserts you would like!

Here’s the insert list.

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Dollar General: 3 days of Deals (Store Coupons + MQs to Stack!) EXPIRED

Dollar General just released a few store coupons on for items that are on sale this week in stores! The catch is, these store coupons are only available 8/26-8/28, so you will have to act fast!

Here are the great deals you can snag with some coupon combos. Please note, if you use a STORE coupon on a product, you cannot use the $5/$25 STORE coupon along with it.


Hefty trash bags $5
-use $1/1 Hefty trash bags DG STORE Coupon printable
-use $1/1 Hefty tall kitchen Trash bags from RP 7/27 (x 9/30)
or -use $1/1 Hefty large black trash bags from RP 7/27 (x 9/30)
Final cost is just $3 per box after coupon stack!

Nabisco Ritz Crackers, Chips Ahoy or Ritz Bacon Crackers $2.50
-use $1/2 Chips Ahoy or Ritz crackers DG STORE coupon printable
PLUS-use $.75/2 Nabisco cookie or cracker products from SS 8/10 (x 9/20)
Final price is $1.62 per package wyb 2 after coupon stack

Scott Extra Soft Bath tissue big roll 24pk $9.50
-use $1/1 Scot Extra soft bath tissue big roll 24 pk DG STORE coupon printable
-use $.55/1 Scott bath tissue printable (sign in/up)
Final price is $7.95, just $0.16 per roll!–>stock up price is $0.25 or less per roll

Scott paper towels choose a size mega roll 8ct $6.75
-use $1/1 Scott paper towels mega roll choose a size 8ct DG STORE coupon printable
-use $.55/1 Scot paper towels 6pk+ printable (sign in/up)
Final price is $5.20, just $0.43 per roll!-->stock up price is $0.55 or less per roll

Renuzit air fresheners $.85 each
-use Buy 3 Renuzit air fresheners, Get 3 FREE DG Store coupon printable
-use Buy 2 Renuzit air fresheners, get 1 FREE printable
Final price will be $1.70 for all 6, just $0.28 each! (Use the store coupon first then the MQ)

A few other STORE coupons available, with no MQ to stack with:

Pine-sol, all varieties, 24-28oz $1.75
-use $.50/1 Pine-sol item DG STORE coupon printable
final price is $1.25 per bottle

Purex liquid laundry soap, 75oz or powder 30 loads $3
-use $.50/1 Purex laundry detergent or ultra paks DG STORE coupon printable
Final price is $2.50 each, just $0.03 per ounce!

Coffee Mate poweder creamer [original] 16oz $2.75
-use $0.25/1 Coffee Mate powder original 16oz DG STORE coupon printable
Final price is $2.50

Powerade, assorted varieties, 32oz $.75
-use $.25/1 Powerade 32oz DG STORE coupon printable
Final price is $.50

Hawaiian Punch gallon $2
-use $.25/1 Hawaiian Punch gallon DG STORE coupon printable
Final price is $1.75

Sweet Baby Rays BBQ sauce [original or honey] 18oz $1.50
-use $.25/1 Sweet Baby Rays BBQ sauce DG STORE coupon printable
Final price is $1.25 per bottle

9 Lives 12# cat food $8
-use $1/1 9 Lives 12# cat food DG STORE coupon printable
Final price is $8


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