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Free Azteca Tortillas at Don’s on Double Coupon Friday

I don’t shop often at Dons, but taking advantage of their double coupon day occasionally can be really beneficial to building a stockpile on some specific items.
If there are a few deals to mention for the doubling coupon deals, I’ll be sure to make a post so that you can take advantage too!

Be sure to head to Don’s Food Center on Friday, August 22 for this deal!

A few things to note about the double coupon day at Dons.
•Double coupon day is ONLY on Friday.
•You are only able to double 10 coupons per person, per day.
•They double up to $.50 which means any coupon $.50 or less will be double at the register. ($.35 doubled would be $.70 off now, $.50 would double to $1)
•You cannot use a store coupon in combination with a manufacturers coupon.
•They accept internet printed coupons, but they cannot be coupons for FREE products with no purchase required.


Buy 1 Azteca tortillas 10ct $1
-use $.50/1 Azteca refrigerated tortilla product printable
Final price is FREE after store doubles coupon!

In case you’re wondering why you would want to stock up on these…you can freeze them!! Here’s a tip though, keep them refrigerated as close to expiration date as you can until you know you won’t use them in time, then pop them in the freezer. When you’re ready for a package again, just switch them back to the fridge to thaw out before use again!

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Coupon Lesson: Understanding a BOGO Coupon

I want to discuss something today that is a bit of a trouble-maker in the couponing world.

The BOGO coupon.

The 4 letters in the acronym BOGO stand for Buy 1, Get 1 and usually ends with FREE, but occasionally will be a price such as $5 off.

What is so tricky about a BOGO coupon though? Well you see, the bogo actually applies to 2 products, the product you are buying and the product you are getting.

Let’s take a look this week at a deal that is very exciting, the Kraft mac and cheese 5 count box at Hy-Vee.

As most have found out while taking advantage of this deal though, there is also a coupon found on the Kraft mac & cheese 5 count boxes, a peelie.

The coupon you will most likely find will be Save $2 off a 10ct package of Capri Sun wyb (when you buy) a 5pk of Kraft Mac & Cheese.

This isn’t your typical bogo wording because it doesn’t tell you that the Capri Sun will be FREE, but at almost any store, the Capri Sun is priced at $2, maybe even less, so ultimately you get it for FREE.

Either way, the peelie is also a MQ (manufacturer’s coupon) and the rules in the coupon world state, you can only use 1 MQ per product and if that MQ applies towards multiple products ($1/2, BOGO, etc), then the coupon applies towards all products specified on the coupon and cannot be matched with another coupon.

In other words, if you have a bogo coupon, it applies towards both products and makes then automatically disqualified from any other coupons being used with them.


I would like to share an example of a time when you are able to use a BOGO coupon in combination with another coupon though, a store coupon.

Let’s say the store has Hunt’s pudding snack pack 4 ct on sale for $1 each plus released a store coupon for  save $1 wyb 4. You also have a MQ for B4G1 FREE. This is what it would look like

Buy 5 Hunt’s snack packs $1 each = $5 total
-use $1/4 Hunt’s snack pack STORE coupon

-use your B4 Hunt’s snack packs G1 FREE manufacturer’s coupon
Final cost would be $3 for all 5 packages

This is a legal way to “stack” coupons while using a BOGO because the store coupon will not be sent to any manufacturer’s for reimbursement and it follows the store rules with coupon usage.

Why can you do this though? Why can you use 2 coupons if one is a store coupon and one is a MQ?

Plain and simple. The store coupon is a deal given to you for shopping at THAT store, it’s a way to get customers through their doors and buying the products off of their shelves. You can use the MQ on top of the store one because the store isn’t sending their coupon out to any Manufacturer to be reimburse for that coupon, it’s all on them.

I am not making this post to target anyone, I just felt that this was a great  learning opportunity to steer people in the right direction when it comes to correct coupon usage.


Fareway Corporate Ad {8/20-8/26}

This weekly match up is a corporate ad, meaning every deal you see listed will be found at ALL Fareway locations this week!!

Items are listed by category and every item in the ad will not be listed; the best prices of the week are the ones that you will find on this match up. If there is a coupon available for a product, it will be listed underneath the item and a price after coupon will be provided to show your maximum savings price. If there is a * or multiple *** next to an item, that is an indicator that it is a stock up price. The more you see, the better the price!

Happy savings!

Store coupons to note:
Page 9, save $4 on milk WYB (when you buy) any 4 listed ^Kellogg’s products. -find ^ for products and coupons to match this offer. Also, there is a limit of 1 use with this coupon and you must purchase 4 qualifying items to use it.
Page 11, buy 2 Lipton tea 12pk, 16.9oz bottles (2 for $10), get one Lipton peach tea 12pk 16.9oz bottles for FREE. Limit 1 coupon per customer and you much purchase 2 regular Lipton tea 12 packs to use this STORE coupon.
Page 12, buy any 2 Dole salad companions (2 for $6), get a dole head lettuce for FREE. Limit 1 coupon per customer and you must purchase 2 salad companions to use this STORE coupon.

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Shrimp Fettuccine w/ Kale, Carrots & Garlic


I went to the Farmer’s Market this weekend with freezing produce in mind, but ended up not getting enough of each item to validate the work it takes to prep the food for the freezer, so I set out on a quest to find a recipe that would incorporate the ingredients.

I searched a bunch of different recipes and ended up creating my own little master recipe out of each and this was the final result: amazing!

I suggest doing a little prep work before trying to begin cooking because it’s a fast paced recipe and you need to have everything ready or things will feel a little crazy. Luckily, I handle crazy rather well. :)

^To prep the kale, you’ll want to de-spine/stem it. You can do this by folding it in half and cutting the large stem off. I used about 2 cups of kale after I had cut it up, which I would say is equivalent to a decent size of 10 leaves. After you’ve taken the stems off, cut the kale into pieces you’re comfortable with. I just rolled the leaves up and sliced them into strips. After cutting them, wash them thoroughly in cold water then dry well with a towel.

Another thing you’ll want to prep is the shrimp. I took the short cut and purchased the already cooked shrimp so all I had to do was take the tails off, but it was a mega time saver!!

Depending on how you prefer your carrots, you could either use baby carrots or buy larger ones and slice them. If you plan on the larger ones, be sure to pre-slice those as well. A cup worked well for me, but if you like carrots, live on the wild side, use 1 1/4 cups! ;)

*Lastly for prepping is garlic. I used 6 cloves of finely chopped garlic, which takes a few minutes. I know there are those jars of garlic out there though that are already finely chopped, you just have to measure out how much you need.

Now…onto the recipe!

Shrimp Fettuccine w/ Kale, Carrots & Garlic

  •  1 pound of shrimp (I used 20 medium shrimp)
  • 6 cloves of garlic* (*see above for tip)
  • 1 bunch of kale^ (^see above for prepping)
  • 1 cup of baby carrots or sliced carrots
  • 1/4-1/2 teaspoon crushed red pepper flakes
  • 1 Tablespoon Extra virgin olive oil
  • 2 Tablespoons of butter, separated
  • 1/3 cup of chicken broth
  • 2 Tablespoons lemon juice
  • Kosher salt and pepper to taste
  • 9oz of fettuccine pasta

Before you get started on the recipe, make sure to get a pot of water boiling for your pasta and carrots because by the time those are done cooking, the rest will be ready too! Once your water is to a boil, drop in the pasta and carrots and it’s time to kick it into high gear!

Warm up your saute pan on med-high heat and add the 1T of EVOO and 1T of butter. Once heated, drop the temp down to around 5, med heat, and add the garlic. Cook for about 1 min then add your shrimp. Cook 1 minute on each side then remove the shrimp from the pan. (Tongs are a life saver for this process!!)

Next, add your kale to the oil, butter, garlic mix as well as the red pepper flakes, kosher salt and pepper.
If you like a kick with your food, feel free to add more pepper flakes. The amount I added was to accommodate my little people.

Cook the kale until it is tender and wilted, then add the chicken broth and stir until it is mostly cooked off. Add your shrimp back in and also stir in the lemon juice and the other  1T of butter.

Let it simmer for a few minutes then once your pasta and carrots are cooked and drained, toss in the kale, shrimp, garlic mixture and viola!

To top it off, I sprinkled just a little bit of Parmesan cheese on top and it was a little taste of heaven I think. :)

BONUS: If you wanted to make this a gluten free recipe, you totally could!! Just switch out the pasta. I don’t think chicken broth has gluten in it, but if it did, you could also totally use wine instead. White wine. I’m pretty sure.  :)


Sunday Coupon Preview for August 24

There will be 2 inserts in the paper this weekend. 1 SS (smartsource) and 1 RP (redplum). Here is a preview of what coupons are to be expected. Please note, although a coupon is listed, it is not guaranteed to be found in our area so don’t get too excited about a coupon until Sunday actually comes.

With that being said, I will re post this list on Sunday, but it will be altered. I will have changed the text color of a coupon to match whichever paper I found that coupon in. I receive a Sioux City Journal and a Des Moines Register. I know some don’t have access to the DMR, but I would like to point out that this is a larger city paper and other larger city papers will have similar coupons such as the Omaha Harold and the Star Tribune.

Anyway, enough talking, here’s what you can anticipate for this coming Sunday, see you then with the updated match up list!! :D

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Hy-Vee Steal: Kraft Mac & Cheese 5 pack just $1.47! {8/20-8/26}

Lately Hy-Vee has filled their back page of the weekly ad with 6 super deals and they haven’t disappointed yet!
Check out this awesome deal you NEED to take advantage of all this week!!!


***Buy 1 Kraft Mac & Cheese 5pk $2.47
-use $1/1 Kraft Mac & Cheese 5 pack printable
Final price is just $1.47 or ONLY $0.29 per box!!

Seriously though, do not miss out on this deal, it’s too great of a price not to stock up. :)

(Thanks Cindy for pushing me to make this post :D!!)

Happy savings.


SavingStar Healthy Offer: 20% cash back on Plums

This week’s healthy offer from SavingStar is 20% cash back for the purchase of loose plums.

When using this app, remember that you won’t see a change while checking out. Instead, in a few days you will see a deposit into your SavingStar account.

There is a limit of one offer per household and you can now redeem these offers at Target, Walmart, Walgreens, Family Dollar, Dollar General and Hy-Vee.

This offer is valid until next Monday.

Happy healthy Tuesday!

PaperMate Inkjoy 8 pack just $0.11 per pen w/ Coupon stack at Staples

Staples occasionally releases store coupons which are able to be used with MQs on products to score great deals.
Check out this steal!

Buy 1 PaperMate Inkjoy 100 stick ballpoint pens 8 pack $2.89
-use $1/1 PaperMate Inkjoy product 2 count or higher from SS 8/17 (x 10/12)
-use $1/1 PaperMate writing product STORE COUPON from ad or printable
Pay just $.89 for the package!

There is a limit of 5 uses per store coupon and the coupon is valid 8/17-8/23.

Walgreens: FREE PaperMate Pens

This morning as I was going through my Des Moines Register, I came across some super unique coupons. These coupons make for a great deal at Wags this week!

Buy 1 PaperMate stick pens 10 pack $.49
-use $.50/1 PaperMate pack excluding single pens from SS 8/17 (x 10/12)
Final price is FREE!!!

If you plan to price match this deal, be sure to get the PaperMate stick pens 10 count package. It doesn’t include a specific color, so any color will qualify.

Sunday Coupon Review 8/17

There are 2 inserts in the papers today, 1 RP (redplum) and 1 SS (smartsource). My suggestion would be to buy a few papers, especially if you are new to couponing and are interested in creating a stockpile. I have a couple other suggestions as well: 1. look into delivery, it’s a lot more reliable than going to the gas station. I have 3 papers delivered to my door every Sunday and if I end up really wanting more of the coupons, then I can head to the gas station. Number 2. don’t buy all the same paper. I get 2 Des Moines Registers and 1 Sioux City Journal delivered, 3 papers total, and have a better variety. The higher value coupons can usually be found in the bigger city paper, but sometimes a coupon can be only in the journal that wasn’t in the bigger paper, or the other way around.

Here’s my match up. Sioux City Journal is red, the Des Moines Register is blue. If it was left black, the coupon wasn’t found in either paper. Read the rest of this entry


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