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Sioux Center Hy-Vee: Money Maker on Ortega taco Seasoning + 2 other Stock up Ortega Deals!

Sioux Center Hy-Vee currently is running a 4  day sale, September 18-21 and there are a few deals worth taking advantage of. Here’s a deal I can’t help but mention to all you super savers out there though!


Ortega taco seasoning mix packets are on sale 3/$1 = $.33 each. Want them for free? I have a better deal…make money buying them! Here’s the break down.

***Buy 2 Ortega taco seasoning mix packets $.33 each  = $.66 total
-use $1/2 Ortega products printable
Final price is actually a $.34 money maker wyb 2!!!

I can’t guarantee the store will let you get the overage, but I have walked away from Hy-Vee with them owing me money so it’s worth a shot. Worse case scenario, you get them for FREE! :)

A couple other Ortega products they have on sale during these 4 days make for great deals before and after coupons too!

***Buy 2 Ortega taco sauce (MILD ONLY) 8oz $.88 each = $1.76 total
-use $1/2 Ortega products printable
Final price just $.38 per jar of taco sauce wyb 2!

***Buy 2 Ortega taco hard shells $.99 each = $1.98 total
-use $1/2 Ortega products printable
Final price just $.49 per box of taco shells wyb 2!!!


Don’t miss out! These deals are too good to not stock up on. One thing to note, be sure to check expiration dates!!

Happy savings!
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Fareway Weekly Match up {September 17-23}

This week Fareway ads all depend on your location. I cover a small corner over here in Northwest Iowa as well as a couple out-of-state Fareway locations. I provide a match up for: Orange City, Sioux Center, Sheldon, LeMars, Sioux City, Cherokee, Storm Lake, as well as Sioux Falls, SD and Rochester, MN.

I split the sale items into categories and do not post every product found in the ad. I will however include the items that are of decent price. I will also post *** next to products. There is a max number of 3, and if you see 3 *** next to a product, that means it’s a GREAT stock up price. The fewer *, the less of a stock up deal it is, but it’s still a deal worth taking advantage of if you’re running a little low on product.

The product will be listed in bold the underneath will be the town the deal can be found at listed in italics. The next line (if there is one) will be the coupon(s) available for that product and the final price after coupons. Lastly, if you see a ^ symbol next to an item, that means that a store coupon is involved in the deal.

Depending on your location, your ad may have begun on 9/16 or will start on 9/17.

Happy savings.

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Sunday Coupon Preview for September 21

This weekend you can expect to find just 1 insert, a Smartsource (SS). Although this is a preview list, you may not see all of these coupons in your paper on Sunday.

I will provide a match up Sunday morning and match it to the Sioux city Journal and the Des Moines Register.

See you Sunday!

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Expand your Peanut Butter stock pile with this Hy-Vee Deal

Another great deal this week at Hy-Vee is the sale on Skippy peanut butter!


Buy 2 Skippy Peanut butter 15-16.3oz $1.48 LIMIT 2 = $2.96
-use $.75/2 Skippy peanut butter from SS 8/03 (x 9/29)
Final price is $2.21 total or just $1.10 per jar!

This deal is running all week at Hy-Vee in the corporate ad and can be found on page 1.

Stock up on Era detergent this week at Hy-Vee

If you are in need of laundry detergent, here’s a deal to take advantage of at your local Hy-Vee.


***Buy 1 Era detergent 500z $1.88
-use $.50/1 Era or Cheer detergent from RP 9/14 (x 10/31)
0r -use $.50/1 Tide, Era, Cheer, Downy, Bounce Simply Clean & Fresh, Era or Cheer Detergent, Downy Liquid Fabric Enhancer or Bounce Sheets from RP 8/17 (x 9/30)
or -use $1/2 Tide, Era, Cheer, Downy, Bounce Simply Clean & Fresh, Era or Cheer Detergent, Downy Liquid Fabric Enhancer or Bounce Sheets from RP 8/17 (x 9/30)
or -use $.50/1 Era detergent 25oz+ Hy-Vee Digital Coupon
Final price after coupon is $1.38 per bottle, just $0.027 per ounce!

This deal is running all week in the corporate promotional ad and will end next week, either on Monday or Tuesday depending on the ad rotation.

And the Winner of the Giveaway is…

Thanks everyone who took an interest in participating in my giveaway and sorry to all of you who missed out, but the contest is over!


You have 24 hours to respond to my email otherwise a new winner will have to be picked!

If you’re curious what the giveaway was about, go here to read my review.

Thanks again for following my page and hopefully I’ll be able to host more giveaways in the future!

Hy-Vee Deal: Campbell’s Chunky Soup as low as $1 per can

It’s a new week of Hy-Vee sales and we have some great promotions available to us shoppers once again. This week, one of the great priced items is Campbell’s Chunky soup!

There are two different scenarios for this deal depending on the coupon you have, but you could ultimately pay as low as $1 per can!
Here’s the break down (BD).

Buy 4 Campbell’s Chunky soups $1.25 each =$5 total
-use $1/4 Campbell’s Chunky soups from SS 9/07 (x 10/31)
Final price is $4, just $1 each wyb 4


Buy 3 Campbell’s Chunky soups $1.25 each = $3.75
-use $.50/3 Campbell’s Chunky soups printable
Final price is $3.25, just $1.08 each wyb 3

This deal will be running all week long in the regular corporate ad. Depending on your location, your ad may already be active or else begin tomorrow.

Giveaway: Free Subscription to Entertainment.com


I am so excited to host a giveaway from The Crazy Coupon Lady of OC to all of you, sponsored by Entertainment.com. As a child I had heard about the Entertainment Book, maybe even saw it in passing  once or twice, but I never realized its importance until just recently. I personally never took advantage of the offers available from the company though because 1. I like in a small town and I didn’t think it would be beneficial to me and 2. I don’t have money to travel to the big cities I had assumed it would only work in. After installing the app though, I have been proven wrong!

Although there aren’t a lot of deals to be had here in little Orange City, Iowa, it still found deals! It gave me coupons for Casey’s pizza as well as restaurants in surrounding towns. I visited Sioux Falls and was able to save at Denny’s as well as find coupons for Godfathers, Papa Johns, Sonic and other restaurants.  Not only can you gain access to discounts for dining, you can also find deals to take advantage of shopping. I found coupons for Office Max, Hancock Fabrics, Payless, Vanity, Aero, The Children’s Place, GAP and so many other stores!! Although I haven’t taken advantage yet, they also provide you will discounts for services. Meineke, Glass Doctor, Jiffy Lube and I never found a discount for Curves; Join now and get 30 days for FREE plus 50% off your service fee. If I was willing to commit to working out, that would be an amazing deal!!

I’m still not done bragging up the Entertainment.com app though, because there’s more! With a membership you can also get discounts to events and attractions. Movie tickets at discounted prices, admissions to museums and theater shows and everything in between for 1/2 off or BOGO, heck even FREE admission to some places if requirements are met. I just can’t stop getting so excited about this because the app has so much to offer!! There’s one last category I haven’t mentioned. They can even find you discounts on travel. Car rental places, Cruise lines and hotels.

I am so excited to have this app and my husband is going to put it to his test when he goes on a work trip to Baltimore and I’m sure he won’t be disappointed. He isn’t much of a couponer, but the app is so easy to use and you can load some of the coupons straight through the smartphone app so there isn’t much “hassle” at all.

Guess what though, instead of just listening to be brag about how great this app is, you have the chance to get a subscription for yourself!

Enter yourself for a chance to win!

All you have to do is follow the directions below in the Rafflecopter form. You must be 18 to enter. The winning entry must respond to my email within 24 hours or another winner will be selected.

Go Here to find the Form and get yourself entered in the contest!
It’s only running for 2 Days!!!


Disclosure: I was given a subscription to a  digital access account by Entertainment.com in exchange for my time writing this post and hosting this giveaway. All opinions in the post are entirely my own.

Fareway Corporate 2 Day Sale {Sept. 19-20}

These deals will be found at all Fareway locations this coming Friday and Saturday although some locations may release their own ad for their location with a few different items included.

There are limits set on each of these items because the deals are so fantastic so be sure to respect them.


***Fareway beans [dark, red kidney, chili, black or reg or fat free refried beans] 15-16oz can $.38 LIMIT 4

***Fareway Soup [chicken noodle or tomato] 10.5-10.75oz can $.38 LIMIT 4

***Fareway macaroni and cheese or spiral mac n’ cheese $.29 LIMIT 6

***Idahoan instant potatoes  [scalloped, au gratin or loaded baked] 3.95oz pouch $.50

**Old Orchard 100% apple juice or kids apple or grape juice drink 64oz $1.48
-use $.50/1 Old Orchard juice product 64oz printable (sign in/up)
Final price just $0.98

***All natural whole boneless pork loins [8-10lb average] $1.99/lb LIMIT 2

**Frito Lays tostitos 9-13oz [excludes baked, artisan and cantinas] $2

**Little debbie snack cakes [12ct oatmeal creme pies, nutty bars or swiss rolls or 6cy Honey buns or cosmic brownies] $1

**Jack’s pizzas $2.22

***Cottonelle toilet paper 12 double rolls [regular only EXCLUDES aloe and ultra] $4.99
-use $.50/1 Cottonelle toilet paper from SS 9/14 (x 10/26)
Final price is $4.49, just $0.19 per roll!

***7-up brand products, 6pk .5L bottles $1.66 each

***Nestle hot cocoa mix [rich milk chocolate or mini marshmallow] $.50 LIMIT 2


Sunday Coupon Review for 9/14

There are two inserts in the papers this morning, a RP and a SS.

I still currently get a Sioux City journal and Des Moines Register although I’m debating cancelling my subscription to the journal because the coupons are just so slack anymore.  Anyway. The Journal will be colored red and the register will be colored blue. If the text is both, it’s found in both papers. If it was left black, the coupon wasn’t found in either paper.

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