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The new Tide simply clean & fresh Detergent

Procter and Gamble has been in discussion of releasing a product that is a “mid-priced”  version of their best-selling Tide brand detergent. By mid-priced, they obviously mean us poor middle class people. Okay we aren’t poor but Tide doesn’t fit in the budget even as is.
The company’s main goal was the get the “lower-income” people to fall for the cheap Tide but make sure that the loyal Richie riches stay with the expensive bottles. Think I’m joking? This is a comment from A. G. Lafley, the CEO of Procter & Gamble.

Lafley acknowledged risks raised by analysts, who caution a mid-priced version could erode loyalty among premium Tide shoppers. But he said: “We’re confident it will be very attractive to mid-tier customers but not interesting to current Tide users. You don’t want your existing customers to trade down, you want to attract new customers.”

Kind of sounds heartless, but it is a big company who’s in it for the money.
Well, I bought a bottle of the Tide Simply Clean and Fresh since I am one of the mid-tier customers who could not fit the over-price bottle of Tide into my budget.
Here’s what I found. the bottle is 40oz, the smallest size they’ve created. Their high-end Tide comes in 50, 100 and 150oz.
After reviewing the bottle, I noticed they work with the older washing machines but also work with HE washers.
At this moment, I don’t have anything bad to say. The detergent still smells great, although I prefer the blue scent versus the green one. I can’t recall the name of each scent.
It seems to have done its job, but I guess time will tell. The nice thing is that, it becomes very cheap when you use a coupon from the P&G insert which is what their aim was, so now we shall wait and see how it goes.
I am curious, does anyone remember Tide Basic? It was launched back in 2009, with the same idea as Tide Simple is launching today, but with different expectations. If you haven’t heard of Tide Basic, there’s a reason for that. The product was a flop. This was also launched to reach out to the poor people of the economy, but they screwed it all up. They took all the ingredients out that made Tide, well Tide. They removed the more expensive ingredients, the one that kept color in clothing and helped clothes from shrinking and all that bonus stuff, they changed the packaging and then sold it for less. It didn’t work. P&G pulled it from the shelf in like three months.

Are you going to try the new Tide Simply Clean and Fresh? Did you ever try the Tide Basic?

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