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Hardee’s Releases new Western X-Tra Bacon Burger + Coupon

Apparently, this is a going thing for Hardee’s/Carl Jr’s to do these days. There will be a new X-Men movie coming out soon and this food chains feels that the best way to honor the new movie is to release a “new” burger. That’s how the Western X-Tra Bacon Burger was born.

If you’re totally confused right now by everything I’ve said, I will elaborate for you.

Back in 2012 there was a new Spiderman movie that had been released. Around the same time Hardee’s/Carl Jr’s came out with the Amazing Grilled Cheese Bacon Burger.

Just last year, there had been a new Superman movie and of course a burger soon followed…the Super Bacon Cheeseburger.

Now that you know Hardee’s/Carl Jr’s history of these “unique” burgers, let’s get to talking about the money-saving opportunities. :)


They’ve released a coupon for $1 off the purchase of any size Wester X-Tra Bacon Thickburger Combo.

There are also a coupon other coupons to get at this location.

*$1 off any X-Tra Bacon egg & cheese biscuit combo
*FREE small beverage w/ purchase of Cod Fish Sandwich or Taco

PLUS if you head over to their Facebook page, you can find the above coupons again as well as the coupons listed below as well!

*$1 off a breakfast combo at regular price.
*FREE biscuits and gravy w/ purchase of any breakfast combo at regular price.
*FREE small coffee w/ any purchase at regular price.

*$1 off the Original Six Dollar burger at regular price.
*$1 off any size combo meal at regular price.
*$1 off a 1/3 pound low carb thickburger

$1 off Charbroiled Chicken Club at regular price.
FREE small drink and small fries w/ purchase of 5 piece hand breaded chicken tenders at regular price.

*FREE small beverage w/ any purchase
*Beer battered onion rings $1.29
*$1 off large natural cut fries at regular price
*$1 off  hand-scooped ice cream shakes and malts
*2 for $1.50 apple turnovers.

The coupons are valid until at least 3/31!

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