A school supply shopping trip with one of my followers

Tonight I met a Crazy Coupon Lady of OC follower (my little sister) at Walmart and worked my magic. It will be her senior year in high school so she only needed the basics. Here are the deals we scored. It was a bonus that her mother had all the coupons she needed to make this trip a success. ;).
6 five star folders $.94 each (she could have PMed paper folders for a penny but decided she wanted sturdier folders)
-used 3 $1/2 five star products P&G 7/07 (X 7/31)
Paid $0.44 for each folder
13 store brand notebooks $0.15
-PMed them at 1 cent each to Office Max
Paid $0.13 total saved $1.82 by PMimg
5 Tena pads $ 4.97
-used up to $5 off tena product SS 7/14 (X 9/13)
Got all 5 free
3 always liners $0.93
-used 3 $1/1 always liners
Made $0.07 on each package
1 box paper clips $0.67 no deals
5 Almay make up removers $1.14
-used $2/1 almay cosmetic product SS 7/14 (X 8/11)
Made $0.86 on each package
2 BIC Crystal pens hyvee$0.97
PMed at to$0.50 each to hyvee
-used $1.50/2 BIC stationary products
made $0.50 after buying 2 Saved $.94 by PMing
Sharpie highlighters 4pk $1.47
PMed for $1 @ hyvee and saved $.47
BIC mechanical pencils $1.47
PMed for $0.50 @ staples
-used $1.50/2  BIC stationary products
Made $0.50 after buying 2 Saved $1.94 by PMing
store brand post it notes $0.97
Her total cost for this trip after price matching but before coupons was $46.81. If there’d been no taxes she would have paid $43.75.
After her coupons were used, her total OOP (out of pocket) was just $2.96. If she hadn’t paid taxes, Walmart would have owed her $0.10!!
The cost for this trip without price matching her items and using coupons would have run her $52.35. Oh Em Gee. No thank you. Her total savings after PMs and coupons…a 94% savings!!!
 There was a small fee for me going with her and helping her get the best deals possible. It was very small though. 
The savings were big and the cost was small, but quantities and items that allow for overage to vary from store to store and there is no guarantee that you are able to score the exact same deals in your area. Don’t let that discourage you though. Saving on school supplies can be a cinch with me by your side. 🙂

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