Visiting this blog is all about showing people that it is possible to save money in the Midwest. Aside from the rather depressing fact that we have no stores that allow customers to double coupons, or have BOGO store sales that make dozens of items free on a daily basis, it is still possible to save a dollar here and there. I started this blog in the midle of last year and in January was able to purchase my own personal website. I love making my blog and sharing all the deals with everyone in hopes that someone else might be able to save a few extra dollars each month.

I began couponing in November of 2011 because my family, of 5 at the time, was trying to survive off of one income and it just wasn’t working. My husband was paid bi-weekly and at the end of each pay period we were lucky if we had $20 left in the checking account. I had had enough. I have to admit, I heard about the show but that’s not what I imagined when I decided to start couponing. I wanted to build a back stock, to keep myself from making dozens of unnecessary trips to Walmart, buying more than I needed. It was a slow process and I was still spending money, but 1. not as much and 2. once the money was spent, I was done spending. I have shampoo and body wash to last for 5 years.

Now as a full time stay at home mother of 4, I don’t fret about the money. We never see $20 or less at the end of each pay period and I don’t make expensive trips to Walmart like I used to.

I also teach couponing classes. I show you how to use coupons, where to find them, how to store them, ways to never use coupons, how to get the best deals, stock up prices, and much more. I charge $20 a person and I am broadening my horizons by also being able to teach at some local facilities. If you are interested in learning or would just like some one on one time to go over your shopping list, I’m here to help!

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