An Update on my Health

Last time I made an update post I believe I got 5 moles removed and was waiting to hear back from the doctor as to whether or not any of them were dangers. I want to my follow up appointment and found out that the results on one of the moles came back suspicious so they wanted to send it off to another lab to be examined by them as well. A week later the results were in and we found out that I had a per-cancerous mole. 1 out of 5 though, that was it. So what was the next step?

The doctor informed me we needed to remove a 5mm section from the area of the mole to be examined and make sure all the dangerous tissue was removed. I went back a week later for my follow up and luckily they removed it all. I was stitched from the outside so I have one last appointment today to remove those stitches and I should be in the clear!

A little background, this is the second cancer we have caught in me before it became anything damaging. Back in 2008 I had per-cancerous cells on my cervix which I needed to go under the knife for as well. Thanks so much for all the thoughts and prayers you threw in my direction. I truly believe everything happens for a reason and am so thankful I’ve had such great doctors who have been able to save me before any major damage has been done.

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