The Back-to-School Supply Stock up List

Of course there are sales on the school supplies start 4-6 weeks before school actually starts, but how do you know what’s a good deal and what’s really just a rip off?

After doing a little research, and reading numerous posts about stock up prices, I felt that this one was the closest to the price points we will actually be able to reach. The list includes everything from Crayola crayons, to pencils and rulers, notebooks and everything in between. It provides you with a “buy it” list as well as a “stock up” price list. What that means is, if you need a binder now and can get it for $.75, then go ahead and buy it. If you know you’ll need 7 binders and they go on sale for $.50 each, stock up and get 7 binders!

The trickiest part of school supply shopping this year will be the stores. As most of you know, Walmart no longer price matches. Or at least most don’t. That means if you see a deal at Staples or Target or any other store, you’ll actually have to go to that specific store to get the deal. Although, staples has a 110% price match guarantee so that may be quite helpful this year!

Credit for the list goes to Moola Saving Mom. 

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