Balancing Life.

I’m sure you guys have wondered where I’ve been, as I’ve been wondering the same thing. It’s been so hard for me to keep a balance on my life with everything that has gone on or is going on. But something that happened last night really made me appreciate why I live such a chaotic life. Let me start at the beginning of February.

On the 1st I got a call from my mom that my dad was in a freak accident and had gotten a piece of metal in his eye. She asked me to drive because she hates night driving and I agreed, it was for my parents after all, kind of a no brainer when they ask for nothing most times. So we got to Sioux Falls and the DR said there was nothing he could do, we needed to go to a University to get it removed. We decided on Mayo Clinic in Rochester, a 4 hour drive. I made the drive, we waited in ER for seven hours, they got him and room and by 2:30 that afternoon he was prepped and in surgery. Everything went great, they got the metal out and his eye was stitched, but he wasn’t out of the woods yet.

Infection could take over. So we needed to come back in a week. On top of being in Rochester for two days, I still had to come back and work, I work 5 nights a week at the hotel as a night auditor, hence the reason I make posts at 2 AM usually!! Anyway. We have gone back 3 times now and he’s in the clear, he doesn’t have to go back until April. His vision went from 20/400 the day of the accident to now 20/30. He has better vision than my mom! Those were all day appointments on top of me working night audit the night before and getting home late leaving me with just a few hours to spare for sleep before having to work again. I’m not complaining by any means, just saying, choosing between sleep and posting a deal, sleep took priority.

Besides the hotel, I have another job, Parent Partner. If you don’t know what that is, I’ll give you a brief overview. Well as brief as I can be! Back in 2010 I lost custody of my daughter to DHS due to my mental health deteriorating at that time. It took nine months, but I fought for my rights, I jumped through my hoops and did everything I needed to do in order to meet DHS’s expectations and requirements. It worked. In December of that year (she was removed in March), I attended court and the judge granted me full custody back of my daughter. Fast forward to 2015, I got asked about becoming a Parent Partner. Now, one only qualifies for this job if they went through the system and were at risk or did lose their child(ren).

What I do now is I meet these moms who are currently up against themselves, their monsters they have brought into their lives resulting in DHS stepping in. I stand by her side. I go to court with her. I go to meetings with her. I can help her find resources such as housing, or financial, jobs, food, etc. I don’t do everything for these women, but I do assist them in making these choices and steps towards a better them in order to prove to DHS that they are on the right path and should be reunited with their kid(s). It doesn’t always end that way, the mom and kid being brought back together, the case being closed and everyone moving on. There have been rough cases. Termination of parental rights or signing over guardianship of her kids. It can’t always be a fairytale ending and like I said, I’m just there to support these women, I can’t do everything for them.

With that being said, basically, any waking minute I am not working at the hotel during my night audit shift, I am putting into my mamas with Parent Partners. I go to different meetings within the county, I currently serve on a board, I have bi-weekly meetings with my coordinator and the rest of the team and I am seeing my mamas. The reason I am telling you all about this today though is because something amazing happened and it wouldn’t have if I hadn’t been a Parent Partner. Last night just as I began my shift, my 9 months pregnant mama called me and told me her water broke. OMG!!

So I was able to find someone to cover my shift for a short bit while I picked her up and took her to the ER. We arrived at 11:15. They got her into the birthing room and the doctor came in and she was ready, it was time! By 11:58PM, my client had given birth to a beautiful and healthy 7lb 5oz baby girl. If I had never had my issues in 2010, I would have never been introduced to the Parent Partner role, I would have never met any of my mamas, and I would never have been able to share this amazing experience with her and watch the true beauty of life happen before my eyes.

With that being said, am I exhausted? Yes. As a PP, it seems things are always busy. You got mamas who look to you for encouragement and guidance. They look to talk to you when they just want someone to talk to. When they need to yell at someone because choosing me over her DHS worker is the better option. Is it time consuming? Yes. Do I push myself to my limits? Most times. But would I trade it for anything in the world including sleep? No way. These women need someone to be there for them during one of the most difficult times of their lives and I’m blessed that God chose me to do that job. What other job could you have the opportunity to see a woman bring life into this world? Pretty sure that’s not going to happen as an accountant! LOL

On a lighter note, I also wanted to share with you guys. My daughter, Kaylinn, has been granted Make-a-Wish. Her wish was Disney and we will be going in the next few months so that’s the next adventure of our family! I plan on making an updated post about her sometime as well because a lot has changed since I last shared her story. In case you didn’t know. She has the second rarest brain disorder in the world, Schizencephaly. to be more specific, she has bi-lateral, closed lip, which is even more rare. She’s 10 and she faces challenges every day, but she is one of the most positive kiddos I have ever met.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and I apologize for my lack of posts lately. Here’s to March being a less hectic month! Hey hey! 🙂

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