A Cashback App You’ll Want to Have in Your Pocket

If you’ve been looking for a cashback app that will benefit you no matter which store you shop at, look no further than Checkout51! There are some great features to this program that you just can’t find anywhere else.

Checkout51 does NOT require a smartphone!

Don’t have a smartphone? No problem! With Checkout51, you can actually create an account on your computer. Simply upload a picture of your receipt, send it in, and boom! You’ve got your rebate.

 It’s easy to figure out your overall savings!

On your profile page, you can see how much you’ve earned (since creating your account), how much you have in your account currently, and how many receipts you have pending.

It’s completely FREE to use!!

There’s no fee for signing up, there’s no fee for using the app, it’s just a good ole’ “get cash back for your purchases” app that benefits its users!

You can use coupons in combination with the app!!

Although you’re receiving cash back for products, that doesn’t mean that’s all the savings you can get! If you’ve got a paper coupon, go ahead and use that too. The more savings, the better!

You can use other cash back apps as well!

Checkout51 has made some clarifications as far as what apps you can and cannot use in combination with their cash back offers. You can’t take advantage of a sale on Savingstar as well as Checkout51, you have to use one or the other. However, they don’t restrict you from using Ibotta, Fetch (code P7VVC)

Offers reset every Thursday!

Most often they bring your new offers each Thursday, but they will also reset some of the really good offers that were rather popular among users the previous week. The offers are available for a whole week, but act fast because they do have limited availability.

Checkout51 works with food stamps!

It doesn’t matter how you paid for your food, as long as you have a receipt you can upload, you’ll get cash back for your purchases!

You can get cash back of online purchases!

Yes, you read that right. Online purchases! Hello amazon. 🙂 Simply save your packaging slip and upload an image of it within the week of the offer and you’ll get your cash back for qualifying items!!

You are able to cash out at $20.

Once you reach $20 you can cash out your balance. The only flaw I’ve found about this is that I’m very much a paypal kind of person and currently Checkout51 only offers the ability to cash out in the form of a check which is mailed to you. There’s no issues with the check, just the time frame is a little longer than other processes.

**Ready to give it a try for yourself or just want to see what kind of rebates they have? Go here –>Checkout 51 offers.

If you’d like to sign up for checkout51 simply go HERE!

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