Coupon Controversy: Just Because you can Doesn’t mean you Should, Right?

As most of you know, I work at Dollar General, have for almost a year now. Over the 10 months I have worked there, I’ve seen many a coupons come my way. This weekend though was a first for me. I follow Dollar General couponing pages on Facebook just to keep in the know how of the deals people can score on a weekly basis. So Saturday I had yet another couponer who was trying to take advantage of the $5 off $25 coupon, whoop whoop.

My coworker checked this person out and let them use all the coupons on the products that were purchased. After they left, I told my coworker that he shouldn’t have accepted those coupons because they weren’t for the right items. He didn’t realize that though and vowed from then on to take a closer look at the coupon wording before allowing a customer to use them. So what was the big deal? Their coupons didn’t match the products. A $2 off of 1 Huggies diapers (jumbo pack or larger) was used on the 2 count travel pack and they used a $2 off 12 pedigree dog food coupon on only one can of dog food. Why? Because the coupon scanned and they were making money off buying these things.

I know some people’s motto is, “Well if the coupon scans it should be okay,” and there are some people who are hardcore believers in abiding by the wording on the coupon regardless of whether the coding was done incorrectly or not. I know where I stand in this issue, but I want to hear from you guys.

So my question to you, just because a coupon scans even though it is well known that these products are not being purchased the way the company intended them to be used, should it be okay to use the coupon on the wrong product(s)?


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