Coupon Lesson: Ask for a Rain Check

There are times when a deal is so amazing it ends up selling out quicker than the store anticipated and usually before you make it to the store to take advantage. Did you know though, there’s something you can do about that. You can request a rain check!

No I”m not talking about the rain check where you have to re-plan some activity with a friend. This rain check is so much better than that!

Rain Check



  • A coupon issued to a customer by a store, guaranteeing that a sale item that is out of stock may be purchased by that customer at a later date at the same reduced price.

Simple as that. It’s a guarantee for the great sale even after the sale is over! What could be better?

Why should you ask for a rain check though? Because you shouldn’t be punished for not getting to the store soon enough to take advantage of the deal, you have just as much right to that deal as anyone else!

How do you get a rain check? It’s easy. At checkout just ask your cashier if you can get a rain check for an item that is out of stock. Tell him/her what the item is and what the sale price is and they will write it on a slip of paper for you that you can use later to get the great deal when it’s in stock again.

As a bonus, if you get a rain check you can still use coupons! As long as your coupons aren’t expired, you can use them in combination with the rain check and get even greater savings!

So next time your store is out of stock on something you really want to purchase, ask for a rain check!


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