Coupon Lingo

Learn the language of couponing and savings! Some of it is terminology, and some of it’s shorthand. There’s a lot to learn, so here’s a breakdown of the basics.

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Blinkies – machines put on shelves that have a blinking light and release coupons

BOGO/B1G1 – buy 1 get 1 FREE (or 1/2 off)

Cartwheel – Target coupon app, usually offering a % off. You can use it in combination with a Target Store Coupon and a Manufacturer’s Coupon.

Catalina – a coupon printed out at the register after purchasing certain products (Hy-Vee, Target, and Walgreens)

Coupon Fairy/Coupon Karma – when you leave a coupon that you won’t use on the shelf next to a product for someone else to pick up and use

Coupon Stacking – when you use one store coupon with a manufacturer’s coupon

CSM — customer service manager

DND – Do not Double (found on certain MQs)

Doubling coupons – Some stores will double coupons up to whatever limit they set (ex: up to $.50 then every coupon that amount or less will be doubled, now equals $1.00 coupon)

ETS – excludes travel/trial size

EXP/X – expires on or expiration date

Filler – An item purchased in order to meet the coupon policy requirements. (For example: at Walgreens you must have the same amount of products as coupons. If you have 5 coupons [including STORE and MQ] then you must have 5 items to purchase as well.) Also used to meet a minimum purchase requirement.

GC – Gift Card

MIR– mail-in-rebate

MM – money maker

MQ – manufacturer’s coupon

NLA – No Longer Available

One Coupon per Purchase – means you can use one coupon per item you are purchasing

One Coupon per Transaction – means you can only use one coupon per transaction (each time you check out) you may try to do separate transactions. For example: If you have 3 bottles of shampoo and 3 MQ, 1 for each bottle, you will have to do 3 separate transactions and pay 3 times.

OOP – out of pocket (the money that you actually spend)

P&G – Proctor & Gamble (another insert found in Sunday paper; appears once a month at the very end/beginning of the month and all coupons expire on the last day of the month unless otherwise marked)

Peelie – a coupon that is stuck to the product

Purchase – refers to how many products you buy (If I buy 10 items in a shopping trip, I made 10 purchases.)

Rain check – A slip provided by a store when they are out of a sale item. You can return to the store after the item is restocked and purchase them for the same price as the sale, even if the sale is over. You simply hand your rain check slip to your cashier at check out.

RP – Redplum (another insert found in the Sunday paper)

Shelf Clearer – an inconsiderate person who buys the entire product off the shelf. (You aren’t a shelf clearer if you purchase the last 3 items left on the shelf, but if you purchase a large amount leaving little-none for others, the term applies.)

SS – SmartSource (an insert found in the Sunday paper)

Store Coupon/Retailer Coupon – a coupon created by the store to get customers to buy a certain product. Usually found in the weekly insert, on the stores’ website or as an eCoupon.

Tear pad – MF coupons placed by products, can be used at any store (just a pad of coupons you tear one off of)

Transaction – each time you make a purchase or check out

WSL – While Supplies Last

WYB – when you buy

YMMV – Your Mileage May Vary (depending on how far you are from a store)

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