DG Digital Coupon: $3 off a $15 Purchase (valid 10/26-10/31)


If you have used a Digital Coupon from Dollar General you are familiar with this deal. Although in the past it has been $2 off a purchase of $2.01 or more, this deal is still beneficial.

The Digital Coupon offer is $3 off the purchase of $15 or more, pre-tax. What this means is your total before taxes and before coupons. How do you determine what your total pre-tax price will be? Simple add the shelf tags. As long as the total of the shelf tag price of all your items in your basket comes to at least $15, ($14.99 does NOT count) then you will be safe!

This is a STORE coupon which means no other store coupons (including digital, print offer or mobile offer) are able to be used on products when using this coupon. You can however still use MQ on the items to ring up even more savings!

The Digital Coupon excludes: gift cards, all phone cards, prepaid Visa cards, prepaid wireless handsets, lottery tickets, Rug Doctor rentals, tobacco and alcoholic beverages. This coupon is available from Sunday, October 26, until Friday, October 31 and can only be redeemed once per user.

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