Discrimination in 2017– A Couponer’s Worst Nightmare

As most of you know, I’m a pretty avid couponer. I like to save money as much as the next person, maybe a little bit more sometimes ;). Recently though, I experienced something that was kind of a blow to my frugality. With the ability to share deals with you, my readers, I like to go to stores and test out deals, you know, make sure they work so I don’t set you all up for failure, because that’s not my goal when it comes to saving you money. Well, since last month, that’s been a little more difficult to accomplish.

About a month ago, I had a job in retail, but things just weren’t working out for myself and my family, so I had to call it quits. I knew that there might have been some hard feelings, it’s never easy losing an employee no matter what company/business so I decided to stay away for a week or so. I chose to go in the evening one week night simply because evening meant that the hubby is home and I don’t have to haul kiddos into the store and can focus on matching my coupons with the products and having everything nice and organized when I got to checkout. I walked in and one of my previous co-workers was at the register. This person was friendly to me, so I thought everything was fine and dandy and went on my merry way with a cart and my coupons in hand.

About twenty minutes later, I had nearly finished my shopping. I was making sure I had all the coupons for the right products and that they were all together so it would be less time spent at checkout. All of a sudden, this worker approached me. “Hey,” they said. “Are you using coupons?” I thought this was kind of a funny question because 1. I was seen walking in with my yellow binder and 2. of course I was using coupons…who wants to pay full price for stuff if they don’t have to? So I coolly told them that I was, but started to get into a little bit of a panic in my head. That’s when the bomb was dropped.

“Oh, we don’t accept coupons from you couponers anymore.”

“Excuse me?” I asked, appalled.

“Well yeah, haven’t you talked to the other couponers?”

“No, sorry. What do you mean you couponers? And why are you not accepting ‘our’ coupons?”

“We just got tired of getting stuff for you guys and then you not buying it.” (Side note, I have never had this store special order anything for me.) “So we went in the system and fixed it and now the computer won’t even accept your coupons.”

At this point, it’s taking everything in me not to just walk away, but I’m bigger than that. I said, “Fine, I guess I’ll put my stuff away and leave.” To which point, I did.

I then proceeded to go home and message one of these said “couponers” who had been categorized with me as you couponers.

I simply asked, “Hey, have you heard anything about using coupons at the store lately?”

She replied a while later simply telling me no, then asked why.

I explained to her what I had run into that evening and she knew nothing about it. She had actually told me she had been in the store and couponed just that morning and nothing was said to her at all about not accepting coupons from “us couponers”. I thanked her, ended the conversation and began fuming.

I may not have worked at this store for long, but while I worked for this company, I bent over backwards for them, for my manager. I was told to jump and my immediate response was “how high?” So to be told that my coupons were no longer accepted here was just a slap in the face.

I was going to leave it at that, but then I just happened to run into one of the other “couponers” who I knew, but had no facebook contact with. I decided to tell her what I had experienced and lo and behold, so had she! And her daughter! Now, they’re not only discriminating against me, but also others who are trying to save money too.

At this point, I’m at a stand still. I mean, what do I do? I have no issues going to the chain in other towns, but that’s terribly inconvenient. If I want to bring you guys a deal from this store, which I still do share, then I want to be able to stay in my town and go to the store that is 2 minutes away, not twenty, just to test a deal out. And, if that deal is a flop, that’s 40 minutes of gas I’ve wasted for nothing!

I’m curious. What would you do? Have you experienced trouble with coupons at a store? How did you handle it?


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