EXPIRED: Dollar General $3 off $15 Purchase Store Coupon


This is just a post about a coupon that was available in 2014. It is NO LONGER AVAILABLE, but you can do the survey at the bottom of your receipts to receive the coupon now. 

For your information, I am not Dollar General. My name is Jami and I am simply The Crazy Coupon Lady of OC. this is my blog and this is a post on my website. I have nothing to do with Dollar General I simply promote shopping deals and coupons from their store. 

Thank you! 

Back again? This coupon is becoming quite popular among the Dollar General digital coupons and that’s definitely a good thing.

  • The coupon is $3 off a $15 purchase, pre-tax meaning before taxes. How do you determine whether your transaction will qualify? Simply add all the shelf tag prices together and once you reach $15, you’re golden!
  • Something to note, if you are using digital coupons other than this store coupon, the MQs will come off first, possibly dropping your total to under $15 which means you’ll have to buy more to qualify for the $3 discount.

Load this coupon to your account and here’s a tip. Wait until the 50% off clearance sale, which begins on Friday, November 14, and watch the savings come to you!

This coupon is valid 11/09-11/15 (2014) and can only be used once per digital coupon account.


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