Dollar General: $5 off $25 Purchase Store Coupon


Today only (10/18) at the Dollar General, you can snag some great deals with their $5/$25 coupon. If you shopped at the store at all this week, there will be this coupon at the end of your receipt, or you can just head over to their site and print it off.  You could  also text 5OFF to the number 34898 to get access to the coupon! Also, if you have had luck with the Digital coupons, you could load it to your account and access the store coupon that way too!

Some things to remember when using this coupon.

  • The $25 limit is calculated before taxes. (pre-tax)
  • To reach $25, you just have to add the shelf tag prices of everything up. (ex. $10 for 3 boxes of cookies,+ $12 for a toy and + $3.50 for make-up. = $25.50 which is valid for the coupon)
  • Use the store coupon BEFORE any MQ or you will not qualify for the $5 discount.
  • You cannot use any other store coupons when using the $5/$25 coupon.
  • The coupon is only valid on Saturday, October 11.

Here is the store’s coupon policy. I like to have it on hand just in case.


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    • Hi! There is no survey to take to get this coupon. You can find it on the bottom of your dollar general receipt if you shopped at the store throughout the week. Also, you could load the digital coupon to your account and use it that way. I believe there is also a printable version of this coupon as well.

      • I went to Dollar General today and used one of my survey sheets and then the receipt that I got from the purchase that I made I took home to do a survey on and it says that someone already did the survey and no one had access to this cuz it was in my pocket the whole time. Any idea how this can happen not sure I can get back on this page but if you could send my response to tina3lafferty that would be great

  • Would like to complement two employees @ Emerson & Southeastern Avenue, John & Eric are excellent workers, always helpful & courteous.

  • I filled out a survey and the receipt I have reads, save $3.00 OFF YOUR YOUR NEXT VISIT

    I don’t see were their is a coupon for the next visit, which will be tomorrow the 23rd of November

    I purchased about 12 Christmas cards today and the receipt said the above

    Please let me know how or how I go about getting the $3.00 off tomorrow, when I intend to purchase, toys for my 4 great grand children, ages 2, 4, 8 and 13.

    Thank you

    Stan Kates,

  • I so love my new favorite Dollar General in Georgetown Texas!! It’s right near my house so it’s really convenient for me. The store number is #10024 and is located at 1801 N. Austin Ave.. The store Manager’s name is Vicki and we are now on a first name basis. She is so so helpful and makes a point of stopping and visiting w/me when I go in! (Which is often😀). The store is always well stocked and clean! They are doing an outstanding job and on a scale of 1-10 they get a 20 in my book!! It’s a very pleasant shopping atmosphere and they deserve to be praised on all they do!! Especially their customer service!! Thank you Vicki for a job excellently done!! I’ll be shopping there for yrs. to come.

  • I went to the DG on Yuck and Andrew HWY. 3 time and They did not have almost any thing on shelf. And I almost do not any space to move in the store. A lot of the stuffs was in the boxs. And they are not planning to unpacking any time soon.

  • I shop DG 04583 4WadeSq, Belleville,IL. 62221-4069 . I c
    Complained couple yrs ago.About how HOT it is in this store.Now they said it’s broke again,ur poor workers r sweating other people r complaining to.So y go into a store when ur knot comfortable shopping n sweating n spending my money.when u fixed it last time it was nice spending time looking around the store.Anyways I hope u address this matter.Ull have more customers back.

  • I had a awesome experience at the local Dollar General as per usual. Always clean, well stocked and super friendly. I completed a survey that was on my receipt with a entry and chance at a sweepstake but when I attempted to sign up for digital and in store coupons it won’t allow me to receive any discount because it keeps saying invalid password or email. Its the only one I use. A attempt with “Live Chat” was useless and I would have been better off talking to myself.

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