Dollar General set to Run 50% off Clearance Sale

I can not express how much I love these sales that routinely happen at the Dollar General.

Yet again, we are lucky enough to take advantage of 50% off all clearance items. When does it start you ask?

The sale will begin on Friday, November 14th and should run all weekend. Because this sale will be running, I am not sure there will be a $5 store coupon available. That’s okay though.

Now with digital coupons, while you’re shopping if you find something you can simply load the coupon into your account and still get great savings!

The last sale was back in September so hopefully there will be some new clearance deals.

I’ve had great luck with this sale, paying pennies on the dollar for items that I was able to donate. Be sure to keep an eye out for products such as paper towels and toilet paper.

If you get either of these, note the stock up prices. Paper towels, you want to pay $.55 or less per roll. If the package says 6 big rolls = 8 regular, then be sure to take the price you would pay (including coupon deduction) divided by 8 since it’s equivalent to that amount of rolls.

If you plan to stock up on toilet paper, look to spend no more than $.25 per roll. The same rule applies, if the package is 12 double, take your total divided by 24 and you’ll know how much you pay per roll.

My best haul on the 50% off sale was $2 (including taxes) for $115 of product.

Be sure to share your hauls and you and get a special post dedicated to your deals!


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