Fareway 2 Day Sale Fri & Sat September 29-30, 2017

Hey guys. This match up is from the Orange City, Sioux Center, Sheldon 2 day sale so some stores may not have the exact same deals or may not even be running a sale…although I”m sure that’s not the case.

Stars— 1 * = decent deal 2 ** = pretty great deal 3 *** =amazing price and you should buy enough to last you 4-6 months (if it’s not perishable)

***Hunts tomato ketchup 24oz 88¢

**Fareway tomato juice 46oz 98¢

***Boneless whole pork loin $1.99/lb

**Greener selection or classic romaine salad 99¢

*Smirnoff Original vodka 1.75L $19.99

*Brach’s candy corn, autumn mix or pumpkins $1.19

*Pringles snack stacks 18pk $5.99 ($7.98 @ Walmart)

*Budweiser or Bud Light 18pk cans $9.99 –after $3 off coupon along w/ meat purchase

*Monster energy drinks 4pk $4.99

***Boneless ribeye chops 6oz 88¢

*Fareway boneless chicken breasts 2.5lb bag $4.99

Keep an eye out for the sales as the holidays get closer the deals will get better!!

**Fareway baking chips 12oz $1.66

*Fisher Walnuts, pecans or almonds 10oz $5.99

*Fareway white corn syrup 32oz $2.50

*Fareway evaporated milk 12oz 88¢

Fareway sweetened condensed milk 14oz $1.50

Gold Medal flour 5lb $1.88 (after MQ on package)

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