Fareway corporate ad Match up 2/21-2/27/18

Hey guys, sorry it took me so long to get this out there. It totally slipped my mind Monday night and then Tuesday all day I was in Rochester with my parents again for my dad’s eye appointment. A little update, he’s doing really well. He went from 20/400 vision the day of the accident to a whopping 20/30 now 2 weeks post surgery!! It’s a pretty awesome deal.

Anyway. Here’s the best deals of the week. The ad is corporate, so all deals can be found at all locations. 🙂

***Sliced bacon from the meat counter $2.99/lb

**Strawberries 1lb $1.68

***Mr. Dee’s shredded hashbrowns 24oz $1.49 (LIMIT 2)

**Pork sausage $1.99/lb

**Kellogg’s eggo pancakes or waffles $1.50

**Sara Lee honey wheat bread $1.48 (LIMIT 2)

*boneless new york strip steak 8oz $4.88

**Quest bars $1.88
Submit $1 cash back on Quest bars w/ Ibotta rebate (up to 3 times!)
Final price just 88¢ each after rebate!

*Yoplait Greek yogurt cups 88¢
-use $1/10 Yoplait yogurt cups from SS 1/14
Final price 78¢ each wyb 10

Vitafusion gummy vitamins $8.99
-use $2/1 Vitafusion gummy vitamins printable coupon
final price $6.99

L’il Critters gummy vitamins $8.99
-use $1/1 L’il critters gummy vitamins printable coupon
Final price $7.99

**Fareway cottage bread $1.18

*Village Hearth unseeded Italian bread $1.69
-use $.55/1 Village Hearth bread printable coupon
Final price $1.14

Kraft mayo or miracle whip $2.98
-use $1/2 Kraft mayo or miracle whip from SS 1/21
final price $2. 48 each wyb 2

*kraft BBQ sauce $1.48

Skippy peanut butter 28oz $3.78
-use $.55/1 Skippy peanut butter printable coupon
Final price $3.23

**Classico pasta sauce $1.98
Submit $1 cash back on TWO Classico pasta sauces w/ Ibotta rebate
Final price $1.48 each wyb 2 after rebate

*Del Monte vegetables 88¢
-use $.50/4 Del Monte canned vegetables printable coupon
Final price 76¢ each wyb 4

**Fareway flour 5lb bag $1.28

**Fareway cake mix, select varieties, or fudge brownie mix 88¢

**Jello gelatin or pudding 79¢

*Campbell’s Well Yes soups $1.66
-use $.75/1 well Yes! soup printable coupon
Final price just 91¢!

*Campbell’s condensed soups $1.69 (buy 5, get 5 free = 85¢ each wyb 10)
-use $.40/4 Campbell’s condensed soups from SS 1/07
final price 81¢ per can wyb 10!

*Kellogg’s cereals, select varieties $2.50
-use $1/1 Kellogg’s Chocolate Frosted Flakes printable Coupon
OR -use $3/5 Kellogg’s cereals printable coupon
final price $1.50 for choc frosted flakes or $1.90 each wyb 5 + get a FREE gallon of milk 🙂 (up to $4 off)


Jolly time popcorn $1.66
-use $.50/1 Jolly time popcorn from SS 1/14
OR -use $1/2 Jolly Time popcorn printable coupon
Final price $1.16 per box 

Nature Valley or Fiber One protein bars, layered bars or granola cups $2.98
-use $.50/2 Nature valley products from SS 2/04
OR -use $.50/2 Fiber One products from SS 2/04
Final price $2.73 each wyb 2

Nabisco teddy grahams $2.50
-use $.75/2 Nabisco cookie or crackers from SS 1/14 or SS 2/11
Final price $2.13 each wyb 2

Nabisco tray or multi pack cookies or crackers or ritz cracker sandwiches $3.99

Nabisco family size cookies or crackers $2.99
-use $.75/2 Nabisco cookie or crackers from SS 1/14 or 2/11
Final price $2.62 each wyb 2

**Pork steaks $1.79/lb

*Delightful farms boneless skinless chicken breasts frozen 3lb $5.99

Jimmy Dean breakfast bowls $2.50
-use $.75/1 Jimmy Dean breakfast product from RP 2/04
Final price $1.75 

***Boneless whole New York strips 12-14lb $5.99/lb

***80% ground beef 10lb tubes $1.99/lb (LIMIT 2)

Tidy Cats lightweight cat litter $10.99
-use $2/1 Tidy cats lightweight litter printable coupon
Final price $8.99

*Tide Simply detergent $2.99
-use $1/1 Tide Simply detergent from SS 2/11
OR -use $1/1 Tide Simply digital coupon from Invisipon
Final price $1.99

Bounty paper towels 12 big rolls $15.88
-use $1/1 bounty paper towels printable coupon
OR -use $1/1 bounty paper towels digital coupon from Invisipon
Final price $14.88

Pine Sol $3
-use $.75/1 Pine Sol product printable coupon
Final price $2.25

Sensodyne toothpaste $4.59
-use $1/1 Sensodyne toothpaste printable coupon
Final price $3.59

Mucinex $10.99
-use $2/1 Mucinex product printable coupon
Final price $8.99

Charmin bath tissues 12 mega rolls $14.88
-use $1/1 Charmin bath tissue printable coupon
Final price $13.88 + get a FREE Febreze air effects!!

*Fareway singles 16 count $2

*Fareway cheese sticks $2.88

**AE yogurt 50¢

**Fareway shredded cheese 16oz $2.99

***blue bonnet sticks 1lb 78¢

***Fareway steamables 88¢

*Lean, croissant or hot pockets $2

***Nestle pure life 28pk .5 L bottles $2.99
-use $1/2 Nestle pure life water printable coupon
Final price $2.49 wyb 2!!

***Nestle pure life 8oz bottles 24pk $2.99
-use $1/2 Nestle pure life 8oz bottles printable coupon
Final price $2.49 wyb 2!!

***Washington extra fancy gala, fuji or granny smith apples 88¢/lb

*Sunkist naval oranges 88¢/lb

***Dole celery 78¢ each

**Kale 16oz $1.99

*Idaho green giant potatoes $1.99/5lb bag

***Yellow onions 3lb bag 99¢

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