Fareway’s 2 Day Sale-Friday & Saturday (Nov 30-Dec 1, 2018)

These deals are only at OC, Sioux Center and Sheldon locations.

Sorry for the delay in posting these, no excuses just ended up putting it on the back burner. Here are the best deals for the 2 day sale though!!

***Fareway frozen waffles 10 count 99¢ (LIMIT 2)

***Fareway flour 5lb bag 98¢ (LIMIT 1)

*Whole beef shortloin (18-20lb) $4.99/lb

**V8 Splash or smoothies 99¢ (LIMIT 2)

*Totinos pizza rolls 90 count $5.99

**Florida’s Natural orange juice 52oz $1.88

***Dozen large eggs 99¢

*Fareway evaporated milk 12oz 88¢

*Fareway sweetened condensed milk 14oz $1.49

**Green Giant russet potatoes 5lb bag $1.48

**Fareway pretzels 9oz 99¢

**Smirnoff 6pks $4.99 each WHEN YOU BUY 3

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