Get a FREE $3/$15 Purchase DG Store Coupon just for Doing a Survey

Hey guys. First off, I just want to let you know, I am NOT affiliated with Dollar General. I made this post about the survey because it is a super easy coupon to obtain. I enjoy reading about your experiences, although some bad, but anything that you share with me, stops here. I would recommend going on Dollar General’s website and letting them know, or even their facebook page, and sharing your experience with them if you want something done about it. I appreciate that you’ve taken the time to read my post and to share your comments though. Thank you so much!

Did you know that when you shop at Dollar General, there is a special code that prints on your receipt?

What’s so special about the code? Well it links your receipt to the specific store you shopped at. So what?

Here’s the deal. You head to the website and you will be prompted to enter some information. It’s nothing personal, it simply asks for the time you shopped, the store number you shopped at, and that unique code in the box. When you open the page, it also shows you where on your receipt you need to find this information.

Once you’ve entered all the numbers, it’s time to survey it up! They’re pretty simply questions just asking you about your experience the day you went shopping. Once you’ve completed the survey, you have the option of printing the $3 off coupon, or having it sent to your email to print later.

The awesome thing about this $3 off coupon is that it’s just like the $5 off coupon (same discount), but you have to spend less and you can use it on any day of the week, not just on Saturday!!

The same rules apply, it’s $3 off of a $15 purchase pre-tax and it still excludes gift cards, tobacco and alcohol purchases.

So what are you waiting for? Go grab your receipt, head to and let them know how your visit was for a FREE store coupon!


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  • I was at the end of my survey when the page All a sudden gone before I could hit send
    Survey Code number is:

      • Dollar General is my go to store for almost all my house hold shopping. I am not a wal-mart shopper, hate it. Aldi is my go for the rest.

    • I got a good deal on store items that I was looking for, I would shop at Dollar General again, because of their deals that they have. I was very happy about that.

    • I’ve never done this survey thing on receipt and when I filled it out to get the $3 off $15 purchase it says I’ve already done the survey. Lol! I’ve never even looked at their receipts until today. It’s not right that they do This! Anyone else have this problem?

      • yeah,just denied me too. I have already done two within the last two weeks. I spent my money in there, so I feel that I should be allowed to do the survey and get the coupon.

        • Go to the manager of the store,like you ladies, I did survey&didn’t get coupon,it even sent a message to my email saying your coupon inside& it,so I went back to the store& showed the Mngr,he didn’t understand either,but gave me the discount anyway…when they get tired of us complaining they will fix the problem,in the meantime bug the Mnger of the store

      • It ask me whether to print coupon at end of survey or have it emailed. I chose to print at end. It wouldn’t print so I couldn’t go back. Lost that $3

      • The 1st time i did it same thing. I dont even try 2 times a month but after I put in code it states that i am not able to do the survey with the information I entered. It was only the time, the store number & the code. And I just now tried 3 receipts from this week so I dont know why they offer this when they dont.

        • I just attempted to complete the survey. I entered the information but it would not accept the store number. I got the, “you cannot continue survey with the information you entered”….. I entered what you gave me. The fact you would not accept it is not my fault. I had to find a clerk to be able to check out. Not impressed with your store .

          • Just had the same problem again, Not even going in on Saturdays now! Could not continue with information entered! It is your information! Are some stores independent? One I go to is UNDER staffed and more people are going to Family Dollar because of it. More manager is working her tail off and when made comment about needing more help
            , said no money for more help…Keep it up and you wont have to worry about paying anyone!

        • The same thing just happened to me. I shop there weekly but seeing as they are down a register and are always short handed and I wait in line to checkout the same amount of time I spend shopping in the store I may need to rethink my decision. I truly love shopping here. It saves me quite a bit of money and saves me from going to Walmart. I just don’t like games or lies and they seem to do both.

        • It’s NOT a scam, I get many coupons, but Dol Gen’s site is “screwy” and if you don’t know how to work with the computer and “fanagle” you won’t get anything. I have to SAVE my coupon, then go find it in the saved items, and try to print it. Their site needs some updating.

      • I done this same survey an when I did all of it I never got the survey code that BS that took 15min out of my life for nothing 🙁

  • This store always have what i need friendly staff no complaints love shopping here
    Survey code # 0302-7457-5125-7**

  • Local store is tops. Until today I have had no problem with digital coupons.
    However, despite the clerks efforts x2 and the clear designations of coupons on my phone three were not deducted. ( Huggins diapers, wipes and $3 off $15 purchase.
    Due to respect for those in line behind me and fact that clerk was doing thing at her disposal, I left stores with purchases without the coupon reduction.
    I made no issue with clerk after her 2 attempts to correct.
    Please do not reprimand her in anyway but credit me for the digital coupons not activated.
    If there is additional info you can not digitally access, please contact me.
    Thank you. LPALMER

    • I love dollar General service,cashiers, understanding,and friendly attitudes towards the customers.Also,being able to find what you need once in the store.

    • Every week I will go into Dollar General just to get that diaper coupon for the loves or the Huggies or Pampers cuz you can’t get that price anywhere else. But thank God Family Dollar doesn’t same thing and it always works at Family Dollar. And I have to go where I can save money because Dollar General digital coupon does not even work anymore. I still enter my number but it will say two coupons accepted but nothing comes off so I know what you mean maybe you can get your discounts at Family Dollar

    • store knowing good and well that I have had numerous coupons and was not given credit for it Nordic ducted from Total.

  • The store was very clutter couldn’t find anything I was looking for stuff all in the floor…. I don’t know if I would go back to this store or not…someone needs to clean it up!!!!!!

  • Love going to shopping at DG for my son needs items and foods after school; I got my stuffs for cleansing house n hardwares which are worthy the prices…

  • Took survey multiple times…each time put me in Canada instead of the United States at Moline Illinois 61265 also I never received a discount coupon for any purchase.
    What is this just a scam to get my information?
    I took the survey on my cell phone which was well charged and is a LG Galaxy 4 so what is the problem? I answered the questions where is my coupons and will I still get free items in the mail?

    • The 1st time i did it same thing. I dont even try 2 times a month but after I put in code it states that i am not able to do the survey with the information I entered. It was only the time, the store number & the code. And I just now tried 3 receipts from this week so I dont know why they offer this when they dont.

  • Please fix all the big holes in the driveway of Unadilla Ga store.!Customers can only use one driveway due to huge, deep holes in the other driveway! Also air conditioner is not working & it is very uncomfortable to shop here!!’

  • I put in the address on my receipt….and it took me to some major and I mean major…….DG survey. At about 50% through it….I decided a $3 coupon for a $15 did not matter so much anymore. The survey was incredibly invasive about anything and everything in my life…….so I started trying to erase my responses and back out of the survey. But it wouldn’t let me. So I just closed out of the whole thing. Of course after I’d entered by ID information and email address. So I HOPE that I don’t get swamped with junk emails since you share the information with others… I found out on your policy information….but I wanted my coupon so I kept going even after that. But I had NO idea and after 15 minutes trying to complete it for my coupon….I said forget it!!!

    Now……then….after hopefully dumping THAT survey. I went back…kept scrolling down at the DG sites that Google brought up….and lo and behold…..THERE was the CORRECT survey for the $3 coupon with a $15 purchase!!! And THAT survey was nothing…took maybe 30 seconds….and I printed out my coupon and I’m done.

    So…..let me say too….the sign on the window said it would be a $5 coupon for my next visit if I made a $5 purchase today. Not true… I just found out…’s a $3 coupon off a $15 purchase next visit. Unless you count the usual $5 coupon off a $25 purchase…..things that DG normally puts on your receipt ALL the time!!! So you know….I think this is false advertising.

    I hope someone reads this but I have my doubts. Stop being deceitful. Don’t say $5 coupon if it’s only $3. And don’t try to pass off the usual $5 off a $25 purchase coupon……as a $5 coupon with a $5 purchase.

    • Good evening. First and foremost, I want to say that I am truly sorry for the experience that you had with the survey. Secondly though, I would like to mention that I am in no way affiliated with Dollar General. I am a measly blog post writer in Orange City, Iowa. My recommendation to you would be to go onto Dollar General’s site and let them know what you experienced and inform them that you are super upset with the situation. I don’t think it’s fair that it misled you into thinking you could receive the $5 off coupon. I know there have been promotions for $5 off when you spend $5.01, but I know receiving this coupon is few and far between as well.
      Once again, so sorry you experienced such difficulties and hopefully you’re able to reach out to DG and let them know what went wrong. Take care and feel free to write back. I’m always here!
      The Crazy Coupon Lady of OC

  • And not to mention…..the clerk said nothing about the COUPON really being a TELL US WHAT YOU THINK survey!! That’s a lot different than a $5 off coupon when you purchase $5 today! Just sayin! Store is overpriced on 95% of the items…you can get the same things at Dollar Tree for way less. Only stop here for convenience but even then……I don’t pay double/triple when I KNOW I can get the same thing elsewhere for cheaper. Just sayin again.

  • Dollar General is a rip-off my $5 coupon off 25 was already used or so they say when I try to enter for the gift certificate it kept saying my email address wasn’t there

  • My $5 off $25 was already used I know it wasn’t. Their little site says my email is not there. Just a bunch of bull !!!

  • Very seldom I stopped at this store cause usually the the elis are packed with stock shelves are always cluttered the workers are very friendly. But overall they usually have what I need

  • The. Quality of items are so much better than they used to be. Also the variety of merchandise is remarkable. The addition of food products makes it so easy to get everything you need in just one stop…thanks DOLLAR GENERAL!!!

  • My DG moved to our area in November, 2016…it has saved me from running 12 miles in to town to get small shopping items….I am soooo thankful they built a DG near me….

  • Rveytime I start to click send it saying error thanks for your interest in our survey then it want let me take it? Anyone else experiencing this issue.

    • YES Terri, I experience it everytime I try to take it. And as far as the digital coupons go I tell them if the coupon does not come off then i dont want the product. They have yet to understand this. If i budget myself & take all this time that it takes to put ur coupons in order with ur shopping list whsts not to understand. Why do i wsnt to buy it without coupon when i can go elsewhere & get it just as cheap. Therefore if I have them take off product then they hsve to ring everything up all over again & then my 3/15 will not scan again because it’s already been scanned. Bunch of bullshit!

  • Try doing a survey said someone else in my household done one already. It’s only me and I haven’t done any survey like everyone else trying yo save money.

  • The girl who help me name is krystle , she was very kind, she help me find what I was looking for. I love my dollar general store?

  • Our store is dirty and the employees are very rude and disrespectful. They were dishonest to me about who the manager was and what I could do with coupons, I asked them to call corporate and that incouraged them to accept my coupon.

  • I’m always trying to match coupons with sales. The products are things I use everyday. Happy with store supplies available the assistant manager Antony in Star City could be more patient with customers. He gets upset when ask about errors in purchases yelled about customers not reading the fine print on sign last time I ask about item with sign on it displaying sale.

  • I shop at dollar general aleast 4 times a week. And the customer service from Kevin at store # 13567 is awesome I give him five stars all the way.

  • DG is one of the most affordable stores left to shop at,you can buy almost everything that’s needed for the home including a large variety of foods,I don’t know what I will do without Dollar General its just right for my budget.

  • Unfirtunatly not all Dollar General stores show as much pride and Integrity as others. I just moved to Ravenna Ohio. I somehow lost my coffee maker in the process so I looked up the nearest DG and went there. I found what I was looking for. Brought it home and noticed the packaging was a little rough but it’s what’s inside that counts. Well after removing the coffee maker I noticed that the other looked a little like it was burnt. The rest of the parts both inside and out were dirty with what appeared to be used product. I figured well. Everyone is not as honest as most of us and they got one over on DG. Higher prices us what that squalls it out to be. Well after I arrived at the store the person that sold me the coffee maker looked it over and said. I quote…it didn’t come from the manufacturer like that and I answered….no it probably didn’t . You sold it and someone returned the same pot and it was never inspected. I want a new offer maker please. Someone got mine for free. Now at my previous store they always looked at the product when returning. I am just going to start shopping elsewhere. In this town. Dollar Store or Big lots….even Walmart.

  • I entered my information from my receipt and did the survey but the email with the coupon was empty! How do I get my coupon????!!!

  • My favorite store really good deals n customer service in the store on dick rd. In buffalo n.y. but i had a bad experience with the African American guy in the william st store near union rd.

  • this is the best store ,the girls are so sweet, and they help you when you ask them. Stacy Woolfork the manger is so sweet. and the store is cleann, but, Madisonville is a mess , i mean dirty.

  • I love shopping at Dollar General Stores, but when asked to do the survey, I just smile and ask the clerk to put her name on top of my recipe, knowing the Internet won’t let me do surveys to credit the ones that deserve credit for their kindness, help in finding items in the store, and their thank you as leaving.. Why are we limited to doing surveys, just don’t seem right not to give credit to the ones that deserve it.. I keep trying but get the message of Thank You for your interest in our survey,Our records indicate that you or someone in your household recently completed our survey. We appreciate you taking the time to give honest feedback you are only allowed to complete 2 surveys ever 14 days.If you receive another invitation in the future you may complete a survey at that time. My question to you is Why is it that Im limited to doing surveys, love to do surveys especially when its to give credit to the cashier on how the store looks, if the isles and shelves are clean, how polite the cashier is and helpful… Please respond Thank You..


    • There is a limit of 2 per user every 14 days because people began abusing the coupon. They still find ways around it though, nothing is fool-proof. In regards to the cashier, when you are actually able to do your surveys, I know if you give high marks they actually do ask if you’d like to recognize the cashier/worker who helped you or made your trip enjoyable. Hope that helps!

  • I love DG. I get so many great deals in there. Esp. with digital coupons and discounts. Keep doin what yu are doin. Now if yu could fix the employee attitudes.

  • So Dollar General is my favorite store for anything that I may need I love the sale’s especially on clothes being on a fixed income there is a very good way to purchase items that I need great prices and I love the ladies there they are so very helpful

    • you get them in an email and if like me have no smart phone or printer,, they should give us a code to write down,,,, so this is useless to me

  • I also love Dollar General I just don’t like people with smart phone are the only ones who can be benefit with getting coupons. My mother and sister is always wanting stuff from the store, however it’s such a shame many other that doesn’t have the phone can’t also benefit from getting the coupons. Tonight I had one of the sweetest cashier ever.
    Thank you,

  • The service was great. I always look forward to seeing Dameon Pearson when I come to Dollar General in Goodwater Alabama

  • I really enjoy shopping at the Dollar General Store on Berry Road in Norman Oklahoma. The manager this past over a year She has really cleaned the store up. Before her the store was always cluttered and the employees would hang outside front of the store taking turns smoking cigarettes all day and evening. All I can say she has made a big difference in shopping at this Dollar General this past over a year.

  • Doesn’t do me any good if I don’t have a smart phone or printer,, you should just give us a code to write on slip once survey is over

  • Very upset …today i couldnt redeem my survey cupon $3 off of $15 from my phone some stores take it some store want it printed out.I myself dont have a printer …i love the store but not the way they are not all on the same page when it comes to the cupon policies.very inbarassing when rejected at counter cause we dont have a printed cupon

    • Have you tried taking the survey and simply choosing to print it from that page immediately instead of having it emailed to you? Also, make sure to check spelling when filling out the email section because I know sometimes I have trouble and may mix up a letter or two on accident!

  • My experience in the store Dollar General, was wander ,because they have good dial end the attention ,wiht the cachier are really good.

  • I find that most of the things I need are there and I can get in and out quick. I always buy my greeting cards there.

  • I took the survey and at the end it said they couldn’t enter due to the information I interned. I double checked everything I interned but still wouldn’t take it.

  • I love Dollar General. Employees are always nice and I can always stop by on my way home from work because it is near by. It’s very convenient.

  • I enjoy shopping at dollar general, been going and shopping there for many years now.survey code 0007-8887-5107-763

  • If I take time to stop at Dollar General going to shop I think if I stop for times get four different receipts, I should get three dollar coupons for all four times if not what should I stop after twice and if it don’t change I probably will stop and go to Walmart because it’s only on my way


  • The dg site sucks. Won’t let me enter and now can’t get back in. Trying to sign up for digital coupons. Also impossible. I am so upset with their ineptitude I will now boycott. If I was the CEO and had my experience, I would be firing some asses

  • I visited store 3413 Reidsville North Carolina it’s a very nice store it’s a new store but the odds are always cluttered there’s nothing put up right cashiers are very nice other than the Clutter it could be a good

  • I love the dollar store its like Walmart to me cause I save money and can buy Christmas gift, cards candy shampoo conditioner or any school cloths school school supply birthday mother day fathers day valentine day Easter Halloween or all holiday stuff and plenty of personal hygiene OTC meds and all you need or want I love you dollar store your the best thanks for helping me save money.

  • Olaf to shop at dinner General Dollar love the girls there Beth is fantastic the manager Bruce is so helpful polite and bargains

  • It’s okay just crowned and has great sales but never has the items that are on sale in stock. Survey code 1280-7817-5215-284

  • I did the $3/ $15 but i never received the coupon. Can someone tell me why ? This is the second survey that i did but none of the coupons came through.

    • When you do the survey, what device are you using to complete it on? Also are you choosing the print instantly option or are you having it sent to your email? If you’re choosing option #2, be sure to verify that your email has been typed correctly. Even one letter off and it will not be able to come to your email address. Hope this helps!

  • I love the Dollar General in Interlachen FL. I always find great stuff & get awesome deals. Then after I use my digital coupons & survey discounts I save so much! And the staff are so friendly, helpful & hard working.

    • Why do you say that Dollar General’s coupon does not work? As in it did not work in stores or printing it from your PC did not work?

  • I can not do the survey. Ive tried for the last 48 hours it says sorry unable to complete survey based on information you provided. I never even started the survey and ive tried with four different devices. If you could let me know whats going on that would be nice . Thanks!

  • Hello,
    My name is G. Swann. I was in your store twice today ( 2311 n. Northern Pkwy.) My complaint is on my second visit. It’s really sad that your store only had 1 person working at 17:48:44 Nov. 4, 2017. Now I understand that sometimes your store can be short handed , but no female should ever have to work alone especially on the evening shift until close. It is very dangerous there’s no cop on duty and who knows what the response time is for someone to get there to help her. I truly feel this should be reassessed. Survey Code- 0920-6587-5217-472
    Thank you,

  • I enjoy shopping at DG. I save money, get great deals, and for the most part the sales personal are very nice. Every now and then you run into one that is rud.

  • The store has a lot of good things at a reasonable price and the workers there are very nice to people. I shop there all the time

  • The scanner never gave my 3.00 after tried ….SEVERAL TIMES!!! GRRRRRRRRR!!!! ALSO NEVER HAVE THINGS IN AD!!!🤐🤔😣

  • I never can find the six pack orange sodas when they are on sale. I have been to. 3 stores in my area.
    They carry Mt dew , Dr pepper etc only. Please supply orange flavor sodas. Thank you.

  • i manage to find a dollar general every where i go , even in the middle of no where i managed to find one ,, some stores are cleaner and better stocked then others , but that all depends on their employees,, if the store has a good manager , like my favorite dollar general does, then you can see the difference in the way they look . and as for the isles being loaded down sometimes there is just nothing they can do . The employees are human and so are the managers , they do the best the best they can, especially in a very busy store ,or when they get a extremely large shipment , but instead of complaining if you find a good store out of the thousands they have , people should learn to bear with them , they truly are doing the best they can , take into consideration the register is not the only job the employees at dollar general have ,,they do everything. right down to cleaning the floors and windows. And there are some Managers that take extreme pride in the store they run, i know the one i like to shop at does. But remember they are human and make mistakes, and have bad days like everyone else. favorite store is in Coplay area of Pennsylvania .

  • I love love love Dollar General. I go there often because they have good prices and a lot of pretty things. Went there today and it is looking like Christmas. Dollar General have some beautiful things. The The store has lots & lots of mdse but still neat enough for people to get around
    Also the manager is nice, friendly and helpful. I have been going there for 20 yrs and have never had a rude or unfriendly sales person. I think every one enjoys the dollar store.

  • The Dollar General in my area which is Pine Prairie Louisiana my survey code is 04501 717-522-5372 very discouraged every time I go in this store because register is always always broken store number 04621 very frustrating again register is always broken got to stand in line and wait wait wait therefore that’s why I go to Family Dollar

  • I went on there to do mine and it said I had already done to within a 14-day. And I couldn’t do it is that true with doing it through you

  • Dollar General is a one place to shop is in my area so it’s convenient for me to walk down there and get the things I need for everyday household shoes thank you for Dollar General and thank you for the one on Augusta Road near me

  • I go to Dollar General several times a week to store #06569, ever since your store out on route 61 opened up, the manager left to go help with the opening of route 61 store! Since that time the rows are so cluttered with boxes and supplies you can’t get thru some times. Some of the shelves are empty as they are waiting to be filled with merchandise still in boxes, to be put on the shelves. Boxes are hiding what is on the shelf. I love the prices at this store and it is very convenient for me to shop there. Your help will help you find things if you can’t get to the merchandise. Clerks are always nice and helpful but the merchandise in boxes sitting in the rows is VERY SLOPPY AND INCONVENIENT. My suggestion to you is get more help to do nothing but STOCK SHELVES, especially at night when no one is in the store. YOU ARE LOSING BUSINESS WITH SUCH SLOPPY MANAGEMENT!

  • I was at the end of my survey and had to switch to my email o. My phone and then I lost it. Now it won’t let me re-enter to get to the validation code they sent me on my email.🤔 my survey code is: 309173

  • I love DG but I can’t ever complete the survey without you cutting me off.we spend at least 60 dollars per week,and can never finished this has been going on for atleast five years.dollar general store “06134 30357al hwy 71 Bryant,Al 35958-5030. Phone 256-597-2013

  • I love my dollar General the poeple that works there is friend and helpful . and i like millie the one casher 0837-8007-5234-262

  • I love this new3/15.00 just getting to know how to do it but I .can’t figures out how to keep using3/15.00 for every thing for the7 days or if you need a coupon for everything like for a day that you use

  • I was in your store # 15635 on thanksgiving morning. And for that day only a sign that said ALL CHRISTMAS LIGHTS 50% off except battery operated lights so I pick up the stick light for 25$ and the three box table light for 10$ then at check out these were not on sale. Please. The sign should if said sting lights only. It was very embarrassing

  • some of your items are the same price as walmart. like the Swiffer wet jet. the price in walmart is 19.95. in your store it is 20.00 . I have found other items for more in your store as well..

  • I had a good experience at the store but now it will not let me do the survey I punched in the survey code and it won’t take it so I guess I don’t get the $3 off coupon yeah maybe it is just a gimmick

  • Lakeville Indiana Dollar General is lacking in checkout service. The wait is 15-20 min due to only one lane open with long lines. I am in there 3 to 4 times a week and always same problem with checkout. Now for the truth! There is more workers standing around watching the cashier struggle with long line. Time before tonight I heard a customer say loudly, “Why can’t another cashier help?” Manager heard customer and opened another lane. Tonight there are 2 extra workers. They were standing around watching elderly woman checking customers without a offer to help poor lady.
    This problem has been going on for months.

  • I like the way they tread me in the store 10611 in weslaco there’s a girl name gabby she is a real nice girl and she is always helping me thanks gabby

  • We to Dollar General today, the store was clean and the help was friendly ! Found what I was looking for, with no problem. The store # was 14479 I will be shopping there again for sure! Thank You..

  • I shopped at Dollar General stores and got good deals for the items that I was looking for. I would shopped there again because of those good deals that they have. They have nice items ,cheaper then your local stores.

  • I like shopping dollar general, its mvh easier to shop than going to s big department store for gifts for all occasions. Especially @ Xmas.thanks so much

  • Its great! Ive only received this coupon on my receipts when I’ve made a monetary donation to St. Judes. Here I thought it was a “thank you” but apparently anyone gets them if you do a survey! Huh…

  • I love Dollar General too, however, when I took a survey last week after a clerk was so rude to me, they called me from the store and apologized, HOWEVER, I am blocked from taking any more surveys on their site. I think its wrong. I used to take them all of the time when I had ONLY NICE things to say about it. But that one time, they blackball you.

  • December 14 2017 I like DG store in Elizabethtown, pa. The store is always clean and well stocked and well lit and the cashers are frendly

  • yes I am calling upon store number 06475it is horrible in that store as of December 12 2017 @16:03they had three people that works there in the front one lady was helping the boy out the other lady was just acting like she was working would not open another register which they had a line from the front door to halfway in the middle of the store they always have boxes in the rows people was walking out .that store need New Management

  • i have two coupons and it will not let me enter them, and it has been 14 days,the is the first time i had this to happen to me…this is not good, i spent a lot of money at the dollar store.

  • dont know if my post went threw or not…but i can not get my coupons. not good…dont put them them out there if we cant get them.

  • I just visited the new location in Pendleton NY and had a terrific experience. Lance, the cashier, was very courteous and most professional. This type of service will keep me coming back repeatedly. Thank you DG for a smart hire!

  • Why is it that the whole receipt from DG prints out dark, but the survey code is ALWAYS blurred and hard to read? Then, the survey blocks me out when I get it wrong, and I can’t try again.

    • I’m guessing your store needs to change their ink cartridge. That’s usually the issue when something like that is happening on their receipts.

  • Good morning, I love our store it’s just down the street and convenient! Clean, well stocked, and the workers are polite and respectful!!!

  • I do it all the time. One thing. They try to limit the number of surveys you do. Sometimes I delete my cookies and history and I can do a bunch of coupons. Sometimes it doesn’t seem to work. Anybody have an idea why or how to clear all the data?

  • “Easy” to take survey? I think not. After about 8 tries I gave up. Just give me a paper coupon in person at check out and forget this waste of time crap.


    • I shop at Dollar General every week and complete the survey to receive the $3 off $15 coupon. Suddenly this week, after entering my receipt information, I received a message stating based upon the information I entered, my survey is unable to be processed. SMH

  • Thank you for sharing. According to the corporate office the news was not passed down to the stores that they can use the code from their phones. In some cases multiple timea before the expiration.

  • I have spent thousands of dollars at the DG. Now every time I try to enter info for 3.00 off 15.00 it keeps saying info not valid. Have done this every two weeks for a long time. They need to get this fixed asap before we customers run out of patience. Is ridiculous to say the least and VERY FRUSTRATING!!

    • after my complaint at 307pm my next attempt was successful. have tried 3 different receipts since then and NONE are working. Continues to say information is incorrect. Am ready to give up if this doesn’t get fixed soon…Is not worth the stress for 3.00… that’s for sure. Come on D.G.!

    • There seems to be an issue with the website at the moment. Even I am having trouble being able to get access to my coupon. 🙁

  • Did everything I was supposed to do and it wouldn’t let me have the coupon.This Web site has always been great and I have never had any problems before, but now it sucks! Really need to fix the problem! !

  • It will not let me put in the last 3 numbers of the survey code. I am passed. Because Scant do the survey because of it. So it is not so simple.

  • Love the new store, I live in the county and now I don’t have to drive all the way to town, which is another 15 miles further. The employees were all friendly and helpful.

  • Tried to take the survey and the app wouldn’t let me. It kept saying because of the information I entered It couldn’t let me in. I guess they were afraid that I would talk about the bad treatment the cashier gave me. The manager that I spoke to was much nicer.

  • This survey hasn’t been working seen December last year and I tried Today and it still not working. They need to fix it or people will start shopping at family dollar lol

    • Something I’ve come to find out is that if the receipt is from over a week ago, they are no longer accepting those. They have to be a week or newer in order to complete the survey. Hope that helps!

  • I love dollar general we live out in the country 12 miles from the nearest store
    and it’s a blessing to have one near my home

  • I have never had seen the 3 dollar coupon come off my 15 dollars or more I spend a couple times a month last time I went in the store about 3 days ago I spent $19.37 that should have taken my $3 coupon off right there and it didn’t maybe I should have said something but I’m sure the machine calculates all that and why didn’t come off I hope all this information is going to the corporate offices because basically they need to do something about it and last night I had to return and the computer froze on the customer service rep then we went to the other cash register and it did the same thing I was in that store for about a half an hour at the registers because the machines froze and I have never been asked for my security code ever in my life off of my MasterCard debit from a discount store or department store or grocery store. what’s up with that?

  • My visits to Dollar General in Taylor, Arizona are always great. Everyone of the employees greet you as you walk in the door. They are very helpful when you gave a question and all of them are so polite. Great job Everyone

  • The Store in Colchester IL. is an example of what a Dollar General should be in a customers eyes.

    Clean, organized, great service, is a given at this site.

    Other DG I have shopped don’t come close to meeting the standards this store has for sure.

    Other Managers should have to visit this store to get the message of how well kept it is all the time.

    I don’t know the manage well, but has got to be a Gem in your eyes too.

    Thank you for building the Store in our little town. I don’t know what we would do without it.

    Happy Shopper

  • I shop at the new general dollar in rocky point, colleen was my checkout girl, very friendly, i did need some help and manager, Mary, was so helpful. She welcomed me and even asked me about Myself. Great people

  • Going to the general dollar store they have good variety not that all the best items are there but being poor this General Dollar Store sure does help a lot I mean you can’t get cookies for just a dollar at any other store they charge you an arm and a leg no I miss person Missy and Amy and here in Salina Kansas are the greatest workers they are so awesome need help they’re always there for you you should check them out during Salina Kansas downtown Santa Fe Street

  • Going to the general dollar store they have good variety not that all the best items are there but being poor this General Dollar Store sure does help a lot I mean you can’t get cookies for just a dollar at any other store they charge you an arm and a leg no I miss person Missy and Amy and here in Salina Kansas are the greatest workers they are so awesome need help they’re always there for you you should check them out during Salina Kansas downtown Santa Fe Street

  • frustrating experience, the page were slow to load. When I was about 1/3-1/2 through, the survey “timed out” because it didn’t load Blah!! to survey OK with DG except they need some different marketing strategies.


  • Your store in Washington twp.,mi. has changed in the last 6 months, very clear and organized. The sales people are friendly and helpful. Thank you Judy

  • I like the dollar store in Lane but I don’t like the one in Atoka it’s rude management and very messy all the time you go to Lane and it’s nice management nice clean store

  • DG has all kinds of wonderful stuff at great prices and the ladies there, tracie and Patti are very sweet and kind and have great customer service.

  • I shop at Dollar General almost everyday I have tried to load the $3 off your 15 survey toad five different times from five different receipt all week long and every single time it tells me that I can’t load it due to the information I have given what is the problem I’m very disappointed

  • I tried to get my coupon 3$/$15. but the numbers for surgery code wasn’t legible ( i guessed at numbers) and apparently I put in wrong numbers and now it won’t let me back in . Kinda disappointing . It won’t let me back in no matter what . Says my info is wrong. I figured that . But , should be an option to correct it . It’s not

  • I just love my Dollar General store especially when your employee told me about the coupon I have been coupon in every sense

  • I Love Dollar General, but this survey thing is a scam, it said recently completed a survey, which i never did…its a ripoff.

  • I went into Dollar General and kept my receipt, but I went right back in and purchased 1 more product and cut the wrong receipt with the code links and now I can not print the $3.00 off, sadly

  • The Dollar General on Theodore is the best I always go there🤗 ! Theres a worker named Stacy 😁aka Amazing 🤗 shes the best 😁 she helped me find valentines day blankets when I needed help 😁👏 😎shes always helping me and everyone out and also works very hard 🤗shes the best 😁

  • Every time I try to do the $3 off survey that I have already done one or someone in my family. And it does not allow me to and I haven’t done one in over 6 months

  • Several attempts to submit this survey, failed. 1 incorrect information, no chance to correct it. Code # 0208-4037-5950-703. It doesn’t say enter code with or without dashes. I don’t know what it is I’m doing wrong. All for 3.00

  • Have been trying to get my coupon…..It says you are unable to comply this time…….my info isn’t correct……but it is…..what the heck is wrong…..

  • How can I get my code for $3discount, they send me the email and it was gone in a second and I didn’t had a chance to print it out

  • The residents of Cape Fair, MO, are very proud of their Dollar General Store. The other nearest grocery store is 30 miles roundtrip away. The employees and management are the best and friendliest. They greet you, help you find what you can’t, and keep the store clean and neat and organized. I try to help them when I see something on the floor and pick it up. I lost my keys in the store and they found them for me. Everyone in our community loves shopping there. The survey website is very user friendly and I have had no problems with it and use it all the time. I am sorry for all the problems others have had with the surveys and the stores. We feel very fortunate to have such a positive experience all the time. I wish for you what we have. It is an awesome place to shop!

  • I shop at Dollar General often but I don’t have a printer to print out the 3.00 coupon They need to make it assebile for those who don’t have a printer and mail it to us or Have a code We can print on receipt to bring to the Store. Thank you

  • One more Comment I have been during your DG Survey to win $1000-$3000. Since 2013 or before I know its been a long time but I never heard anyone winning What’s The Deal on that? I kept praying I would win much as I Shop DG I shop there Before I Shop A Large Grocery Store it’s convenient for me because of my disability I ride my hover round in and Shop in Peace. Ok Lets hear Some winners if you still doing the survey haven’t send it lately just 3.00 off coupon and 5.00 off coupons.

  • I shop at the DS almost everyday. I love the deals I can get in there on everything. Besides its much closer than Wal-Mart and cheaper. Only thing I’ve asked if they could start getting was some ground Turkey and Potato Bread. Reason why is cause of my sons allergies. Thank you!

  • Very unusual night General Lee no help at all even they are not busy but this particular night the two ladies that was working which I have not seen there before was very helpful and not just because they were females the new properly exactly what aisle to send me down so I didn’t have to keep walking up and down to try to find what I was looking for made it to be a very nice and promptly evening they should be recognized and rewarded for their duties

  • I try to download my coupons but it says that it can’t because of information provided I’ve put store number time and survey code

  • On the day of my visit, DG only had 1 line open but the one register was packed with customers. The employee on that register was very fast but she was asking for a employee to open up another register and they were not answering her. So I believe that there is some team work training necessary.

  • A wonderful experience with return and a purchase. Very friendly experienced manager. The check out clerk was so nice and was very quick. She was friendly and calm and did a terrific job. Didn’t act confused. Knew what she was doing and was a true pleasure to shop at Dollar General. I shop at Dollar General at least once a week if not more. It is my favorite store. Thank you.

  • The employees at the Dadeville Alabama store was very polite and very helpful to me today and always when I visit that store

  • Doller general sure is nice and handy in our small town. The people that work there are great and helpful. Thank you

  • I did a survey over 2 months ago and every time I try to complete a new one it keeps telling me I recently just did a survey- they just don’t want to honor the surveys as printed. It says you can do a new every 14 days, it’s been over 2 months.

  • These coupons are fake. I entered one and requested it be emailed to me. I never received the coupon. My daughter in law had the same thing happen to her. Finally after Dollar General bothered to respond. We were both basically told sorry about your luck, you got screwed.

  • It wouldn’t even let me do the survey. This is bad business.
    Survey code #186537075989393
    Store # 18726
    Time 13:50

  • I LOVE are dollar store very nice and friendly workers Vanessa and there’s another lady but I don’t no her name .I like the where it’s located thank you

  • We do a lot of shopping at dollar general. I was recently told to “remember to take the survey and receive a $3.oo coupon for next visit”. I don’t even look at my receipt most of the time cause i am usually in a hurry. Anyways, i went to the site and did what it told me to do and then it said it couldn’t give me a coupon. Why is that?

  • I shop at Dollar GENERAL FREAKILY the employees are always friendly what I don’t like is that. they are by themselves. I don’t feel that is safe for the employees or customers

  • The dollar general at wheeling and rigging road is so much cleaner and organized. They are always sticking the shelves and very helpful. I went up to a young girl that was working there and always stocking and I told her how much cleaner it was and she said she was the assistant manager. I hope they get recognition for their good work. Thank you!

  • I love our new Dollar General Store. It is about 5 minutes from our house and it seems to have everything and at great prices. We try to shop there at least once a week.

  • I visit the Longwood store all the time , it’s a great store and the people are so helpful
    in finding every thing i can’t find, right off hand. I think the Longwood store is the best.


  • Why did Dollar General do away with $3 off $15 offer and replace it with $2 off $20? During the week the $15 dollar offer was good for several people I know.

  • I am trying to do a survey to get my $3 off I have entered all of the information correctly and it still tells me Unfortunately they can’t do it

  • Don’t know what I’m doing wrong, but each time I try to do survey it says I’m doing something wrong
    So I think it stinks
    I do shop Dollar General weekly

  • My dollar General store on Hamilton near kemper road has been so bad lately. I stopped in yesterday and was surprised at how nice the store is looking. I also met the new General manager gere who was very nice and making some good changes. I’m glad because I love to shop there.

  • Just saying dollar General on Hamilton ave near kemper is really looking better.
    I hope it stays that way.

  • Hi i loved Dollar General Store then have a good stuff to all customers have have everything you needed.. For me i liked shopping at this stores.. Have discounts and good prices variety…

  • The ladies whom work the Hoosick Falls Dollar General are exceptional, they treat you like part of the team. One lady stands out, she always has a smile and is eager that your satisfied with her services. The Happy go lucky employee is Amanda Hilder it goes without saying, thank-you for your kindness it goes a long way. Store# 13920 Ref#00002000126

  • I was at your Rensselaer store. The cashier look like she didn’t want to be there. But the other girl. Sandi was her name was very nice. . I like coming in. Deb is a very sweet lady. She on of the biggest reason I go to DG.

  • Dollar general is my go to store for just about anything I need. I visit dollar general every day. Always has what I’m looking for.

  • I love Dollar General.
    I think tho the best dollar General I’ve been into is the one in Beaverton Michigan! They are always very nice to me. And the store is well organized. They keep it nice and neat and clean.

  • I went to the Dollar General in Indianola and couldn’t find anything because of how junky it was, Smh..But, still good deals

  • The DG Stire has the most screwed up PHONE APP and SURREY SITE that I have ever seen!!! The phone app Never works so I delete it. Then I load it again and it won’t accept my user name or password.
    The survey site totally disappeared right in front of my eyes just when I was about to finish it!!!
    What is wrong with you people?!?! Can’t you make your sites user friendly and easy or do you just not want us to shop in your stores??? Guess it’s the offer your customers quote unquote “Great Deals…..just sign up!!!! RIGHT……THEY DON’T WORK!!! I would rather go to WALMART THAN FIGHT WITH YOUR STUPID IDIOT SALES AND GIMICKS THAT DON’ WORK.


  • I just finished with my survey and breezed right through it. Hit the print button and got my coupon with no problem at all. Now I can save $3.00 which adds up. I’m very well satisfied.

  • This is an right No one can get through. Dollar General better get it together and fix this problem I know a lot of people that are pretty upset about it. Two of my clients said they’re not going back there anymore it’s a gimmick

  • I just went to the dollar general on evanscity rd…horrible cashier….i spent 131.63…the cashier after as if I was bothering her that I had to buy so much……horrible service in this dollar general..I wont shop there again…tracy

  • My husband and I were at Dollar General today. All the employees there were friendly and very helpful to us all the time we were there. I have never had a problem with any of the people who work for Dollar General Stores.

  • I love this store i cone here for everything…my son and i walk here all the time we really enjoy it

  • I am a huge Dollar General shopper. I must shop 4 to 5 times a WK at my Wareham store and spend more then $500.00 their a month. Since the manager Mike left I am now only in there 3 times a week if that is horrible. Now to come and find out that Courtney and Ashley are now leaving also. I will now be returning back to Walmart. Ever since Mike the old manager left I very rarely see anyone working but Courtney and Ashley. Now that they’re leaving you just ruined the store. You might want to think about how you treat your employees. The new manager is always outside smoking and hanging out with some girl in front of the store. I don’t see that being appropriate! And it’s not just once a day I drive for a living and past that store several times a day.

    Sincerely One pissed-off customer

  • The store I shop at does not turn on their light outside. I’m talking about the big Dollar General light next to the road. When I have mentioned this to them they first said it didn’t work and then said the corporate would not have the bulbs changed or fixed in it. This seems trivial but I can prepare to slow down, turn my directional on and enter your driveway in a much safer manner if your light was working. Please fix your light. The store is #10132 located in Cambridge Wi. 53523 Thank You

  • I tried to answer the survey with the codes at the bottom of my two receipts, but the register at the store where I was made my receipt impossible to read. you could not make anything out on the receipt the ink was so smudged. So, I couldn’t do the survey or enter the coded numbers.

  • I recently went to dollargenersl in palmyra and I rented a carpet cleaner the young man who was taking information had no clue how to do this it took way too long other customers were walking out because of excessive wait time and he never loaded the cleaner when the manager became aware of this she immediately opened a register and done all she could to help customers when I got home with cleaner it was filthy dirty it had dirty water in it so I had to clean it before I could use it .when I returned it the next day the manager was in front of store I told her the condition of the cleaner she apologized for the day before events and when I told her about the condition of the cleaner she was truely upset about it and she refunded my money she was very nice about it and was truely upset about what had happened she is trying very hard to turn the store around and make it a nice clean store I just wanted someone to know how hard she is working

  • Hmm-mm. The $3/$15 has expired? nevertheless, I did receive my $2/$20 coupon at the bottom of the survey. I feel badly for those of you who weren’t able to complete the survey…I’ve never had a problem. Guess I should knock on wood as the old saying goes. Like most of you, we do enough shopping at our local DG to make the $2.00 coupon worth printing and using. Apparently, DG has an excellent employy-training program. And we consumers are able to enjoy it. Good for us.

  • I just left from the dollar general store on green street the workers where very nice very polite when I walk in very nice to me very helpful thanks for the politeness from dani

  • Had a great experience at D. G. a few days ago. I found just what I was looking for at great prices and Dennis was a real gentleman helping me out of the store with much neded boxes for moving.

  • I go to dollar general on burntstore road Cape Coral Florida.. service is excellent !! However, your store is too freaking hot!! Fix the air .. I feel for your employes. Please make it more comfortable to shope in your store.. thank you

  • Was in yesterday,I love shopping there they have everything you need and it’s a lot cheaper, I go for 1 little thing and then I realize my hands are full so I need a cart love it

  • I always enjoy my visit at my local Dollar General. Ms. Pat always makes it feel wonderful.
    Suvey code

  • The DG is a very fast and convenient way to get the few items I need and I like the friendly atmosphere. Cindy

  • The is also denying my access. When I checked out, the clerk reminded me to do the survey and it will not let me.

  • Aren’t we all pretty dumb, I’ve tried about 6 times now, same as everyone else. Cannot complete survey. Tried uninstalling and then reinstalling , no such luck. Tried it in store, wouldn’t let me complete my name address , or email address. What a joke. I like the store well enough, prices too but just spoke with the manager and she said she has 3 got that3 iPhone users that have somehow been able to use their coupons and downloads. I think she’s lying about that. Thought it was me until yesterday when another iPhone user backed me up. We are the joke bc they’re told to tell us a story about how it works. Think how much money they’ve saved on the 500 something surveys!! Lol. 500×3$ = look how much they’ve saved. And thats only those of us who wrote in.

  • Rich is not very nice. He never goes the extra mile… He makes me very uncomfortable and unwanted.

  • I was at the store in Madison, IN and saw you could get 2.50 off of Downey. The girl helped me to download the coupon on my phone. She spent at least 15 minutes helping me. She was the sweetest and most helpful person I have ever met.

  • Do not shop at the Linden mi, store. I spent 29.45 there and never gave me my instant money off . And the recipt had no information on it to enter survey. Gorl was too busy to wait on customers. I I will never go back to that store again

  • I always love to shop at DollarsGeneral the people are always courteous and polite.They dont have long wait time either.The cashiers are always willing to help with anything you need. Signed janet

    Keep up the good work guys

  • In Lytle tx I’ve went to da dumpster on just a hunch i kid u not I came out of that dumpster with over two hundred pairs of reading glasses. Two big boxes of pops (toy) I do not know if I beat the manager to his scam or I was at right place right time…I went back got caught…manager said it was against the law to dumster dive n they put a small lock & fence on it…

  • I like the help I get when need and the prices are good I save money the store has been very clean I get what ever I need they have make up paper praducts can and LOIS MCCLONEY of Osceola’ Iowa

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