Get the New B+B Pain Relievers for only 98¢ each With Ibotta + Bonus

This deal may not be for everyone, not all stores are currently carrying this product. Yet. There are a select few in our area though, so I thought it a worthwhile deal to share. The new B+B pain relief products are a decent price and with a rebate available, you can’t really go wrong! To get the best deal though, you’ll have to buy at least two (each a different kind) whether it be ibuprofen, acetaminophen, or naproxen sodium.

B+B dye free ibuprofen 24 count $3.48
B+B extra strength acetaminophen 24 count $3.48
B+B naproxen sodium all day pain relief 24 count $3.48
Submit $2 cash back on ibuprofen w/ Ibotta rebate
AND Submit $2 cash back on acetaminophen w/ Ibotta rebate
OR Submit $2 cash back on naproxen sodium w/ Ibotta rebate
–>Receive $1 bonus when you redeem TWO different B+B product offers Ibotta bonus<–
Final price $1.96 for 2, just 98¢ each!!

Don’t have Ibotta? It’s super easy to get signed up and only takes a minute. As an added bonus, when you sign up under me and use my link, you can earn an extra $10 on top of your first offer you redeem! $10 just for signing up and redeeming a single offer; what’s not to love? Sign up for Ibotta today!

Thanks Hazel!

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