Here’s what’s on sale in December and the Price you want to pay

Just like November, you’ll see a few similar sales in December since we have another major holiday to celebrate just a few weeks after Thanksgiving.

With this list, please keep in mind, these prices are not the only prices you want to pay, they are simply a guideline to understanding how good/bad a sale price is. If you find a deal on something, but it’s a little bit higher than stock up price, don’t feel like you can’t buy it. If it’s less than the stock up price list, go bananas and buy as many as you’ll use!

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We can still expect to see sales on baking goods this month. Here’s the list of items plus the stock up prices.

  • nuts $2.99/lb
  • chocolate chips $1-$1.50 for 10oz bag
  • evaporated milk $.50-$.60/can
  • cake mixes $.65 or less
  • frosting $.65 or less
  • sugar 4# bag $1.15 or less
  • Brown or powdered 2# $1 or less
  • flour 5# bag $1.25 or less
  • butter 1# $1.99 or less
  • eggs $.99/dozen
  • cream cheese 8oz block $.99 or less
  • Cool Whip 8oz $.99 or less

You’ll need to stock up on all the holiday fixings:

  • Egg nog 1qt $2
  • Deli platters
  • turkey $1 per pound
  • canned pumpkin $.65 per can
  • Stovetop stuffing $.75 per box
  • Betty Crocker boxed potatoes $.65 per box
  • gravy mixes $.25 per packet
  • Rhodes rolls $3.50 for bag
  • frozen pies $3 or less
  • cranberry sauce $.45 per can
  • jello boxed $.25 or less
  • marshmallows $.65 per bag

Keep an eye out for the canned foods too, and stock up on a dozen or more if you know you’ll use them!

  • soup $.50 per can
  • condensed “cream of” soups $.40 or less
  • broth 14.5oz can $.25-$.50 each
  • condensed milk $.75 per can
  • vegetables $.45 per can
  • fruit 29oz jar $1
  • spaghetti sauce $1 or less

Lastly, always let clearance be your best friend.

You can find all your Thanksgiving decorations for next year marked down shortly after. If you can wait for the sale to drop to 50% off and grab table settings and turkey carving products to be ready for next year’s feast. Another thing to keep on the look out for are all the Black Friday left overs. Even though the Door-buster Deals are officially over, if a store didn’t get rid of all the merchandise, it’ll still be marked down at the Black Friday sale price, no stampeding necessary!

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