How to make kid’s shampoo, conditioner, and body wash last longer

We have 3 big kids in our house who are able to bathe themselves,  which is a real time saver in itself. But, then a new problem arises. If we went into the bathroom after one of the kids had showered, you could almost guarantee 1/4 of the bottle of body wash was going to be gone. Well at this point we were also trying to train our daughter with CP how to shower too because she felt left out.
We tried everything to make things simpler for her, but no matter what we did, she couldn’t manipulate the bottles to get the product out. Finally I went onto Wal-Mart’s online site, in search of something to help her get the soap without all of it going to waste.
After searching for a bit, I finally came across a 4 slot dispenser that you fill and just push a botton. This cost a little over $30, but all of our problems had been solved. Our daughter could push the button and shower on her own and also, the dispenser released the right amount of soap, a teaspoon each pump as oppsed to 1/4 of a bottle.
It was super easy to install and I honestly feel that this product has paid for itself. We went from body wash lasting us just a couple months to nearly 8 months for each. We even made it our own and easy for the kids by taking the stickers off the front of their bottles to let them know which slot has what.
What kind of tricks do you use in your house to get more life out of your everyday items?

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