HyVee Two Day sale…March 8 & 9, 2019




Okay, maybe you’ll have to wait one more day. But there’s some massive savings coming your way in 24 hours!! This Friday and Saturday only. Check it out.

***Halos mandarins 3lb bag $2.99

***Whole boneless pork loin $1.48/lb

***HyVee one step cereal 99¢ (LIMIT 2)

**Pepsi product 24pk cube $4.99 w/ fuel saver card (LIMIT 1)

***HyVee white milk 1/2 gallon 88¢ (LIMIT 1)

***HyVee pasta sauce 24oz 88¢ (LIMIT 1)

**Simply done bath tissue or paper towels $2.99

*Palermo’s thin crust pizza $2

**Little Debbie snacks $1.25

**HyVee cooked shrimp $4.99

*Medium single topping pizza $6

**HyVee donut holes 10¢ each

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