Money Maker On Colgate Toothbrush Multi-packs at Walmart!

I need to share this deal with you guys like ASAP because it’s an amazing deal!!



Right now, with ibotta, you can MAKE MONEY buying something that you need and use all the time!


Depending on the user, this offer will vary with the amount of cash back you will receive, but some people are getting $1.20 all the way up to $1.75 back on a package. My rebate is $1.60, but a friend of mine has one for $1.50. It will really all just depend on user.

Here’s the breakdown.

Buy 1-5 Colgate toothbrush multi-packs $.94 each
submit $1.20-$1.75 cash back on Colgate multi-pack toothbrushes w/ Ibotta rebate (up to 5 times)
Final price will vary, but you’re looking at at least a 26¢ MONEY MAKER!!

Don’t have Ibotta? Sign up—>HERE!

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