Product Review: Chefast Stainless steel Straws


So if anyone knows me, I use straws. For everything. I have really sensitive teeth and straws are probably one of my most favorite inventions. I am really happy with the purchase of these straws because they come in a set of six, with two of a small, medium and large straw. The small and medium ones are great for regular drinks: sodas, milks, juices, waters. I use the large ones for my smoothies and milkshakes and they are amazing because you can have a chunk of cookie in your shake and it won’t clog the straw like a smaller one would! Clean up with these is a breeze too. They come with two different wire brushes, a small and large, and they work wonderfully. I have hand cleaned these straws, as well as put them in the dishwasher and have not yet come across any rusting or any other issues with them. I also like the fact that they are so long, they fit into a 30 oz tumbler with no problems at all. I would definitely recommend these straws to anyone who is looking to replace those plastic disposable straws.

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