Product Review: TropiCooland Cocktail Shaker

This week I received this ‪#‎TropiCooland cocktail shaker and the hubby knew just what to make with it. (He opted for a white Russian). He used the jigger that came with the shaker to measure out 1oz (it can measure 1/2oz or 1oz) of his ingredients, added ice to the shaker and poured in his liquids. The lid doesn’t latch on or anything, but it does seal pretty tight once you get to shaking and was a little hard to get off. On the plus side, there were no leaks coming out of it! Something else that is great about the shaker is the fact that it is stainless steel. 1. It keeps your drink nice and cold and 2. It’s pretty easy to clean. I don’t know much in the area of being a bartender, but this is a great addition for our home to make mixed drinks in a snap. I received this product at a discounted price in exchange for my honest review. Go here to get one for yourself!

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