RetailMeNot Offers New Browser Extension = Deals in the Click of a Button!

If you haven’t heard of RetailMeNot, they’re one of the leading websites when it comes to fulfilling all of your discount and promo code needs. The way this site works is that you simply go to, go to the search bar and type in the place you’re looking for whether it be a store or a restaurant, and then up will pop any and all sales, discount and promo codes that are available for that business!

What’s really cool is that recently they’ve branched out and have even invested in an app for your smartphone! Go here to download the FREE RetailMeNot app for your mobile device.

It gets better though! They just released, like this month, a new faster and more conveneint way to find deals/sales without even having to leave the site you are shopping on. It is known as the Genie button and allows you to find deals in a snap!

The Genie button is free to download and works well with the chrome browser.

So, what are you waiting for? Download the FREE Genie Button browser extension and have the savings with just the click of your mouse!

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