Shopping with just $10 to spend

I am headed to the store this morning to take advantage of all the great deals Hy-Vee and Fareway have to offer this week. Here in Orange City, there is no Hy-Vee store so I must ad match (have the ad with me). To get the best savings, I will take advantage of  MobiSave and Invisipon, Invisipon is an app that ONLY works at Fareway.


***Premium saltine crackers $.99 (LIMIT 1)
Price match for $1 instead
-save $1 on Nabisco premium crackers from Invisipon
Final price FREE!

***Country Crock spread $2.29 (LIMIT 1)
-save $1 on Country crock 45oz with Invisipon
Final price just $1.29!

***Hyvee cooking oil 48oz $1.88 (LIMIT 1)
-save $.60 on cooking oil 48oz with Invisipon
Final price $1.28

***Pillsbury classic brownie mix $.88 (LIMIT 1)
-save $.31 on brownie mix with invisipon
Final price $.57

***Vlasic pickles $1.48 (LIMIT 1)
-save $.80 on Vlasic pickles with invisipon
Final price just $.68
Earn $.10 off any jar of pickles with MobiSave

***Gold Peak tea 59oz $1.49 (LIMIT 1)–Found in fridge section
-save $.70 on Gold Peak Tea with invisipon
Final price $.79

***Hy-Vee grade A fresh large eggs 18ct $.99 (LIMIT 2)
-save $.50 on Large eggs 18ct with Invisipon
Final price $.49

***Store brand sugar 4lb $1.28 (LIMIT 1)


My total OOP (out of pocket) after price matching and Invisipon came to $8.43!!! I got 14 items, that’s like paying $.60 per item!



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  • Last week when trying to price match HyVee at Fareway I was told they don’t do the fuel saver prices but using Invisipon would reflect the same price. That of course meant not the additional savings I had hoped for. Although I did it before without an issue.

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