Coupon Lesson: Always Price Check Clearance Items

Whenever I go to Walmart, it’s a given that the clearance section is the first place I head to. Every time. I want to share a secret with you though. Well, maybe it isn’t a secret but I know a lot of people who don’t do this and then are shocked when they get to the register. No matter what item you pick up on the clearance shelves, always make sure you PRICE CHECK the item before hand because then you know what you are paying for. I once price checked an item and the clearance sticker said $7 on it but when I went to the scanner it told me $13.97. If that ever happens to you when you are at the register by the way, all you need to do is tell your cashier, “Hey, that sticker clearly states the product is $7 (or whatever the price may be) will you please change it for me because that is not what it rang up at.” Most cashiers aren‘t jerks about it and would be happy to fix the problem. In most cases, just be gutsy. Those of you who are too “chicken” to speak up, you’re also pretty dumb because you are going to pay full price for that item then when the packaging clearly states you shouldn’t be. Your choice though.

I want to share a deal I got the other day at the SC Walmart, and sorry to say but I bought them all so no one else can take advantage of this deal. Sorry I know I’m a clearance hog. I just couldn’t pass it up though!!!

 I don’t know how well the receipt is viewable, I’d say it’s decent. Anyway. So these body washes were on the clearance shelf with a $4 sticker on each of them. I had coupons in my binder so I decided what the hell maybe the price is less than $4, I’ll go price check them withe the scanner. So I got to the scanner and put the bar code underneath and it beeps. I look up expecting to see maybe $3, $2 if I’m lucky….no they are only $.02. TWO CENTS FOR SOMETHING THAT USED TO COST NEARLY TEN DOLLARS!!!!!! Unbelievable. What made it even better, my coupons were $3/1 Neosporin product, and of course, I had two of them. So I get to the register and she rings them up and looks quite confused because how can anything ring up for two cents?!?! I gave her my coupons and in the end the CSM comes over and had to override the register and I walk away with two free body washes and $5.96 in my pocket that Walmart owed me!

The lesson to take away from this store is: ALWAYS ALWAYS go to a scanner and check the price of an item, especially  if it is in the clearance section. You might be surprised!! 😀

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