Coupon Lesson: Pick up the Phone

This morning I realized Ollie was almost out of diapers. So I went to the site where I tend to get my diapers,, because they ship them to you and it’s just a lot more convenient, and I can get somewhat near the price I would like to pay. Anyway, I was trying to use my pay pal account and I didn’t know if it would take the money from my account then use my debit card or it would only use my debit card. So I was talking to a customer service rep at, who had no idea if that would be the case or not.
So I said thank you, and was about to be on my merry way when I realized I didn’t have any coupon codes or anything. You know what I did, I asked. And then you know what he did? He gave me a ten dollar credit on my account just because I asked about coupon deals. So the point of this post is that even if there aren’t any deals that appear available, you just need to ask.  I don’t recall the last time someone was terribly hurt because they asked a question.

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