Coupon Lesson: Buy more than one Newspaper

I thought I would create this post in particular to let everyone know something I think they need to know. Every Sunday, well nearly every Sunday, there is at least one coupon insert in the paper, if not 2, 3 or even 4 or 5 inserts! I am sure nearly everyone already knows that. During the week I post a preview of the coupons expected in the paper, then on Sunday I print a match-up for those coupons, showing you what came in each paper.

Here is my hint for you though. Do not just buy the Sioux City Journal and think, “Oh that’s good enough, all the papers are the same.”

Think again, because they aren’t. Usually the best paper to get is the Des Moines Register, or other bigger city papers, because they have the better coupons, but sometimes the smaller city papers do have the best coupons. It varies from week to week. Here is my tip to you, buy one of each, sometimes even 2. Yes it’s more money you have to spend to purchase three papers instead of just $2 to buy A PAPER. In the long run though, those extra dollars spent on extra papers will most likely be the best money you spent. 😀 Possibly.


I know I will be posting deals that are fantastic but that doesn’t mean you wouldn’t come across any yourself. I can’t post deals that appeal to everyone so of course I may miss one or four here or there. That’s when it’s up to you to scan your ads and say “hey I need a new filter for my furnace and Target is selling them for half of what I pay for at Wal-Mart.” So grab yourself a notebook and write that information down. Make sure you write the specific brand, the size, color, quantity, and price. Whatever is stated in the ad is the requirement for you to purchase it at Wal-Mart.

Another good investment to make, sign up for a year subscription to All You magazine. There are always deals for cheap subscriptions and that magazine is worth the money. Not only does it give you great tips and tricks around the house it also has coupons in each one. Totally worth it. I even just found a great deal for you! Six issues for just $6, a dollar per issue!!!

That is my rant for the day, but please if you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them. I don’t want people to read this and when they are done be even more confused. So, for real, say something. I’m here. Or changing a dirty diaper in the other room. Either way, I’m basically available all day! (:

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