Well…That’s Embarassing!

Do you ever have those moments where you do something and then sit there and think, “Well, that’s embarrassing!”? This happens to me more often than not, but usually the only witness to my witless situations is a two-year-old, which is good news for me! Unfortunately, today was not a day where I did something embarrassing in front of just my two year old. Nope, I was at Wal-Mart.

I don’t go to Wal-Mart very often, hardly ever actually. That’s mainly because my stockpile is so massive and I don’t feel it necessary to make trips to the store. I have been going the past couple weeks though because Ibotta has been annoying me and I just want to get the stupid rebates because Fareway doesn’t carry half the stuff and yeah. I have odd pet-peeves. So I made my list of things I wanted to get from Wal-Mart, matched up my coupons and off we went just my toddler and me. Roads were a little patchy, but nothing compared to the big deal the weather channels were making just yesterday about drafts, zero visibility and whatever other freak out situation they had implanted into people’s brains. The first snow is always a big deal and over played.

We got to Wal-Mart just fine. I had my list, grabbed the items I needed and verified them with Ibotta so I wouldn’t be disappointed and maybe 15 minutes later, we were ready to check out. Checkout went fine too, I had a couple price match items and the cashier was nothing but friendly and helpful. Last, he scanned my coupons then helped me load my cart with bags, handed me my receipt and off we went to the car to load everything in.

You’re probably sitting here wondering, “Where’s the embarrassing part!?!?” Don’t worry, it’s coming.

I got everything loaded into the van, grocery bags, toddler, purse. Check, check, check. Then I put the cart away (the return rack was right in front of my vehicle) and put my keys into the ignition. I’m not sure what made me look for my receipt, but I decided to grab it and scan it over to make sure nothing was wrong and that’s when I began to panic. Not even 2 minutes ago the cashier gave me my receipt and now…now it’s GONE. I remember putting it in my purse, I do. I’m pretty sure. How do I know that when I walked out the door though, the big gust of wind didn’t take it away? I don’t. I looked everywhere for the dang thing. In every bag, I dumped my purse out and searched through all my belongings, I flipped every pocket inside out, I picked up the toddler. It was no where. I went into a little bit of a panic mode, grabbed the toddler and my keys and back inside Wal-Mart we went.

Up to customer service where they were able to simply access a computer and find my receipt and print it out! Phew. No big deal. Well, the print out came and it was just a regular piece of printer paper with the smallest print ever showing what items I bought, but it had no logo on it and I started getting nervous because I didn’t know if Ibotta would take a receipt like that and I was looking to get over $10 in rebates from them and I didn’t want to screw it up. The CSM was nothing but kind to me the whole time and she actually went through and rang up my whole transaction as a return then rescanned them all like I bought them again just so I could get my receipt.

Needless to say, a 15 minute trip wound up being nearly an hour long after all was said and done and I feel like a super big intelligent being for losing my receipt in a two second time frame, but I managed! You’re probably asking why I told you this if no one really witnessed it except the cashier, CSMs, my toddler and myself right? Well because I like to show everyone that I’m human too and even though people may thing I’ve got it all together, I can manage to do the stupidest things some times! No one is perfect and I love to show my readers that side of me so as to not expect too much from me at times. 😉

~Big shout out the the CSM Darla who was super patient with me and helped me through this entire time consuming process with nothing but kindness and a smile. It is much appreciated.~

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