What the Heck Crazy lady!?!?

Where in the world did you go again?

Can I say, May is probably my worst month to be productive on my website because there is SOOOOOO much going on. We’ve had a two day school field trip, (with no internet access–ahhhhh), plus Kaylinn has had multiple doctor appointments, some taking place within the same week. One week we went up to Saint Paul Sunday for a Monday appointment then that same week we left at 4AM for a 10 o’clock appointment in Wisconsin. Now we are planning for a family vacation for a week and it’s just been insanity trying to get everything all figured out.

So from the bottom of my heart, I apologize. For sucking at my job lately. June will be sensational. No doctor appointments, summer will be officially in session and things will just be all around more easy. (I hope).

It’s no excuse for being a slacker, but I hope you can understand that life happens and when I am the only person running the show, it’s not a very productive show! I should be bringing amazon deals to my FB page more again and will also be bringing other promotions to my site including coupons and Sunday coupon previews because that’s stuff you need in your life!

I can’t share details with you all, but we’ve also had a life shattering event happen to our family this month and things have just been insane since then and they aren’t going to be calming down any time soon. Such is life. Just please pray for us and that we can find the strength to get through this terrible ordeal and come out on top. I’m sorry I cannot tell you what has happened, it’s not my story to share.

I hope you can understand though, that because of this, family has come first. That’s how it is for me and how it always will be.

Here’s to June though. Longer days. Better nights. Busy kids. Happy life.

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