What To Expect On Sale in September!

Every month there are different types of sales occurring; different promotions running to get customers in the door. What deals should you be keeping your eye out for this month though?

With September comes school time, or the fact school has been in session for at least 1 week, if not two. The days are already cooling off, the nights becoming chilly, but no matter what the weather, the deals will be waiting for us at the store!

If you want to get good deals on the school supplies, now would be a great time to hit up the clearance aisles after school has began. Stores are pushing to clear off some shelf space to get their “holiday” items out and it’s nothing but good news for you! Take advantage of the deals and be sure to have your child(ren)’s school supply list on hand to get stocked up for the next school year.

The month of September is known as Diabetes awareness month which means there will be sales on all things Diabetes:  glucose meters, Glucerna cereal, diabetic care– socks, test strips, sugar free products, vitamins and  weight scales.

There are also a great variety of produce available during the month of September, with sales to go along: apples, artichokes, beans, cucumbers, eggplant, grapes, onions, pears (Asian & Bartlett), peppers (bell and chili), squash, tomatillo and tomatoes.

Finally, be sure to scope out the clearance for items such as: camping gear, gardening supplies, bug spray, fans & air conditioners + BBQ supplies– grills, charcoal, lighters. If they haven’t all sold out by now, there may also still be some toy items left on clearance….it’s still a great time to stock up for this Christmas. It’s only 15 weeks away!!!

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