What To Expect On Sale in November!

Every month there are different types of sales occurring; different promotions running to get customers in the door. What deals should you be keeping your eye out for this month though?

With November comes baking time for that wonderful giving thanks holiday!! There will be plenty of sales on baking items as well as the traditional Turkey garb needed to have a successful holiday event.

For these last two months of the year, I like to provide actual price points as opposed to just a list of items you’ll want to look out for because there are such great deals during these times to get your cupboards stocked up.

I am going to give a price, but don’t think that the items listed must be at this price in order for you to purchase them, they’re just a guideline price for you to determine if you’re getting a great steal or if you should just buy one or two to last until the next sale becomes available. The closer to the holiday we get, the better the sale will be so keep on the look out!


baking products:

  • nuts $2.99/lb
  • chocolate chips $1-$1.50 for 10oz bag
  • evaporated milk $.50-$.60/can
  •  cake mixes $.65 or less
  • frosting $.65 or less
  • sugar 4# bag $1.15 or less
  • Brown or powdered 2# $1 or less
  • flour 5# bag $1.25 or less
  • butter 1# $1.99 or less
  • eggs $.99/dozen
  • cream cheese 8oz block $.99 or less
  • Cool Whip 8oz $.99 or less

canned foods:

  • soup $.50 per can
  • condensed “cream of” soups $.40 or less
  • broth 14.5oz can $.25-$.50 each
  • condensed milk $.75 per can
  • vegetables $.45 per can
  • fruit 29oz jar $1
  • spaghetti sauce $1 or less

Giving Thanks:

  • turkey $1 per pound
  • canned pumpkin $.65 per can
  • Stovetop stuffing $.75 per box
  • Betty Crocker boxed potatoes $.65 per box
  • gravy mixes $.25 per packet
  • Rhodes rolls $3.50 for bag
  • frozen pies $3 or less
  • cranberry sauce $.45 per can
  • jello boxed $.25 or less
  • marshmallows $.65 per bag


  • apples $.99/lb or less
  • broccoli $.69/lb or less
  • cabbage $.79-$.95 per head
  • carrots $.99/lb or less
  • celery $.69/bunch
  • cranberries $1 for bag
  • kiwis, lemons $.30 each
  • oranges $.75/lb
  • pears (Anjou & Comice) $.99/lb or less
  • potatoes $.99/5# bag
  • pumpkin, squash and yams $.75/lb

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