Understanding the Redeemable text on Printables

So, sometimes there are words printed on coupons that can lead to confusion. As you read this, I’m sure anyone who is comfortable with coupons has an idea of what I’m talking about. Some coupons that you print may only have the coupon exclusions and where t send it address, but some coupons include other things.
Some may say, available at. For example, that Heinz coupon that I shared said available at Winn Dixie, Food Lion and Publix. I know we don’t have any of those stores around us, that doesn’t matter. The words available at, is only stating that, if you want to use this coupon, you will FOR SURE find this product at these stores.

Another tricky wording term used is redeemable at. This wording basically, “technically”,  means that the brand is advertising via a coupon and a store has paid for advertising on the advertised coupon and now I’m advertising the brand’s coupon and the store’s advertising on the advertised coupon. Make sense?
Ok, to answer the question in simpler terms, as long as the coupon does NOT say “Redeemable ONLY at….” it can be used at any store.  It’s merely a suggestion, and the store has worked it out to have their logo on the coupon so that you’ll be more likely to redeem the coupon there.  However it is still a manufacturer’s coupon and can be redeem anywhere.

Redeemable ONLY is pretty straight forward in that it means you can ONLY redeem it at that specific store. I really hope that this clarifies things a little better, because I know this is a common issue for new and educated couponers alike!

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